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Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 10
Thursday, January 10, 2019      4 comments

Chapter 10 – Step 5: Exercise and Rest Exercise, rest, and sleep are very important when you decide to start down that path to getting healthy. If you are not getting enough, then it is very easy to give in to temptation. A New Way of ... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 9
Monday, January 07, 2019      4 comments

Sorry for the delay in this post: Chapter 9 – Step 4” Break the Craving Cycles Seductions occur on a cycle. Break out of a cycle by recording what you eat for 3 days and include: *time of day *food *amount *cooking Method *Place... Read more
End of Year Reflections and Looking Forward
Sunday, December 30, 2018      7 comments

I learned I do not handle stress very well and really need to learn to not let angry feeling take over and rule my life. My mom's surgery and long recovery, my dad's falling and needing to have surgery on his neck, my daughter and son-in-la... Read more
Virtual Races
Tuesday, December 25, 2018      6 comments

I keep forgetting about this feature: https://www.sparkpeople.
sp?r=468 ... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, chapter 8
Thursday, December 20, 2018      7 comments

Chapter 8: Step 3: Appetite-Taming Leptin Leptin is important for controlling the appetite. It is made by fat cells and its name comes from the Greek word ‘leptos’, which means “thin”. Fat cells release leptin when they sense that there is ... Read more
A break from my reading notes
Sunday, December 16, 2018      8 comments

I have attempted to read through the Beck Diet Solution 4 or 5 times, actually made it through the whole book twice, but failed on doing the daily to-do lists. All the while in the back of my mind is the "take time and energy to "diet". T... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 7
Friday, December 14, 2018      7 comments

Step 2: Choose Foods That Hold Your Blood Sugar Steady A steady blood sugar helps you resist impulse eating. There are three simple principles to help keep your blood sugar steady: 1. Eat enough 2. Have plenty of fiber 3. Low-glycemic... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction: Part 2, Chapter 6
Wednesday, December 12, 2018      4 comments

Chapter 6: Step 1: Start with a Healthy Breakfast For golfers, the most important shot is the first one, because if the game starts well, they have the confidence that the rest of the game will go the same. So it is with breakfast; what you... Read more
Monday, December 10, 2018      4 comments

I am gaining weight and I am not even eating holiday cookies! :-(... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, chapter 5
Saturday, December 08, 2018      3 comments

Chapter 5 The Sizzle: The meat seduction Note: Meat is one of the first things I was able to give up. When I was 18 years old, I was standing at an intersection waiting to cross the street and a truck carrying cows passed me. I had eye to ey... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 4
Sunday, December 02, 2018      4 comments

Chapter 4: Opiates on a Cracker: The Cheese Seduction Page 50 quote: “Seeing the problem is not the same as solving it.” Is Cheese a Drug? Cheese’s main attraction is not the taste or smell at least not at first, but the more one ea... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 3
Monday, November 26, 2018      8 comments

Chapter 3: Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death: The Chocolate Seduction Chocolate targets the same area of the brain as heroin or morphine, but it does not have as strong of an effect. The chemical effect goes beyond the opiate effect, ... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction
Monday, November 19, 2018      5 comments

Chapter 2: Sweet Nothings: The Sugar Seductions Neal Barnard starts this chapter with how sugar, the white powdery stuff, affects the brain and causes one to feel good. There is a mild opiate effect when one consumes sugar. Many think ... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Chapter 1
Sunday, November 18, 2018      3 comments

The Seduction Begins: How Foods Addict You Some foods are not my friends. The demand for some foods, such as potato chips, chocolate, or cookies is not simply a choice but the demand is physical. How often do you crave something sweet,... Read more
Breaking the Food Seduction, Introduction
Saturday, November 17, 2018      4 comments

Breaking the Food Seduction By Neal Barnard, M.D. Introduction How are foods treating me? Am I a willing victim of junk food no matter the effect it has on me in terms of my waistline and health? YES! I have felt the seduction, ... Read more

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