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Beck Diet Solution, Day 37
Saturday, September 15, 2018      3 comments

Reduce Stress I had to read this one a couple of times. Often when I think of reduce stress, I only think of taking a few minutes to breathe - breathe in and breathe out. But this lesson is taking a look at what is actually causing the stre... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 36
Thursday, September 13, 2018      3 comments

Believe It! For me, losing weight isn't the issue, but rather it is to stop eating junk food (i.e. foods that I know are not health supporting and are overly processed, high fat, sugar and salt, and have little or no nutritional value). I n... Read more
Update on my mom
Monday, September 10, 2018      5 comments

She is getting better each day, but we don't know how much better she will be. Currently she is released to a nursing home for rehab but since it is the weekend, she is not getting any rehabilitation therapy and has to wait until Monday. Meanwhi... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 35
Monday, September 10, 2018      3 comments

Get Ready for Weigh In Tomorrow is weigh in day, for me - not really, I weigh myself daily just to monitor how what I am eating and exercising is affecting me. I also weigh myself daily because if the number gets bigger, I can catch it soon... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 34
Sunday, September 09, 2018      6 comments

Solve Problems I am realizing that as I am "reading" this book, (I dropped out on the exercises a while back, but decided to continue reading the lessons so I can at least say I made it through all 42 days), that she repeats a lot of the in... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 33
Saturday, September 08, 2018      4 comments

Eliminate Emotional Eating Oh man, why didn't I read this chapter 3 weeks ago? Oh well, what's past is past. (FYI - my mom is getting better and has been released to a nursing home for rehab.) I have had lot's of stress and have done a lot ... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 32
Friday, September 07, 2018      3 comments

Prepare for Travel This lesson has some good advice to plan your eating ahead of time and to include for the possibility of gaining weight while on vacation. That way, there won't be no real big surprise of frustration what you step on the ... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 31
Thursday, September 06, 2018      0 comments

Decide About Drinking This one is easy for me because I do not drink alcohol. No sabotaging thoughts about this one. ... Read more
Beck Diet Solution, my thoughts so far
Thursday, September 06, 2018      3 comments

Am I actually doing this? I really don't think so. I am blogging day 30 and I have yet to start my eating plan. This business with my mom in the hospital is really a wake-up call on my part on how much I eat when stressed. I am gaining wei... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 30
Thursday, September 06, 2018      3 comments

Staying in Control When Eating Out Sabotaging Thought: It is so expensive to order a salad, veggies and a baked potato. Helpful response: It is much more costly to order off the menu and not eat according to my plan in the terms of die... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 29
Friday, August 31, 2018      8 comments

Resist Food Pushers I skipped a few days where I sort of threw everything out the window and now I feel like crap. This day's lesson is an eye opener for me about the cost to me for not following my meal plan. Unfortunately for me, I seem t... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 28
Tuesday, August 28, 2018      2 comments

Get Ready to Weigh In emoticon As I am reading this lesson, I am thinking, "I have not made it this far in ... Read more
Race Day results
Monday, August 27, 2018      4 comments

Saturday, August 25, 2018 My granddaughter and I ran I race that we do every year. On my facebook feed, I memory popped up of a video of us crossing the line 6 years ago. I shaved 2:30 minutes off my time. But then, my granddaughter was only 10 ... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 27
Monday, August 27, 2018      1 comments

Mastering the Seven Question Technique This lesson could not have come at a more perfect time for me to learn how to deal with stressful situations and emotional eating. (oh, by the way, my mom had a good day yesterday and is showing progre... Read more
Beck Diet Solution Day 26
Monday, August 27, 2018      2 comments

Recognizing thinking Mistakes My take away from this day's lesson is that my thoughts are not necessarily truth. I can think I need to eat some chips because I am stressed, but that is not the truth. It may be truthful that I am stressed, b... Read more

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