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This is not your practice life
Monday, July 16, 2018      7 comments

On the cover of the recent Runner's World this is one of the excerpts for the articles. I have not yet read the article, but this mantra stuck out like a sore thumb to me. One of my advantages that I wrote down during one of my tries at the Beck... Read more
Another update on my fur baby
Thursday, July 12, 2018      10 comments

I took her to the vet yesterday and she was impressed at how well my dog is healing. So far everything is going well, but not to let up on the care because things can still turn. Often times a second surgery is needed at the checkup - so happy i... Read more
And the scale says...
Wednesday, July 11, 2018      7 comments

My weight is bouncing up and down. But that is all good because I am in the maintenance stage of my journey and expect fluctuations. I have a goal of getting to a particular weight, just to see if I can actually do it, but am not really giving ... Read more
Update on my dog
Saturday, July 07, 2018      11 comments

We brought her home yesterday. The people at the vet clinic were wonderful with her and gave her lots of lovin'. They are such wonderful people and treat their patients as their own pets. Surgery took about two hours. The vet was unsure how... Read more
My dog was attacked
Friday, July 06, 2018      11 comments

My baby is at the vet recovery from surgery to repair the damage. It was the neighbor's dog which allowed to roam freely. We live in a rural wooded area and the owner does not think it is a problem allowing the dog to roam despite what happened.... Read more
Solo Camping Trip
Wednesday, July 04, 2018      8 comments

I went camping for 2 nights, all by my lonesome. It was great! I really enjoyed time to myself where I did not have to tend to anyone's needs. It was just me, myself and I. I chose a State Park that was close to home, just in case I freake... Read more
Facts to Help End Overeating
Saturday, June 30, 2018      3 comments

This is an excellent article to read if you overeat too often, (that's me - I eat too often and too much). Knowing These 8 Facts Could Mean the End of Overeating by Erica Florentine https://www.sparkpeople.
com/resource/nut... Read more
I tried to give up coffee
Friday, June 22, 2018      8 comments

I was sick a few weeks ago and didn't drink coffee for a few days because whatever I had affected my taste buds. My coffee tasted horrid and so I tried to give it up. I lasted about three days. I did not get that caffeine withdrawal headach... Read more
You want some?
Tuesday, June 19, 2018      3 comments

We went to Aldi's the other day and, of course, we have to walk past the candy cookie aisle because in the store we went to, that is displayed when you first walk in. Guess what is the money maker for that store? Hubby grabs a box of cookie... Read more
Poison plane is flying
Thursday, June 14, 2018      9 comments

UGH!!! I live in the country where there are corn fields. This morning I am hearing the poison plane (crop duster) flying. I was going to go running with my granddaughter. This time of year is a bummer for running outdoors. Now I have to g... Read more
Do those PLU stickers identify GMO items?
Tuesday, June 12, 2018      5 comments

Have you ever noticed those little stickers on fresh produce? What do they mean? They are placed there to identify bulk produce and will help make checkout and inventory control easier. The PLU codes are usually 4- or 5- digits, with the or... Read more
Rainy day, treadmill run
Monday, June 11, 2018      3 comments

Whew! I heard thunder in the distance, so decided it was a treadmill run kind of day. And another episode of the Zombies, Run! app. My warmup was level 1 of the 30 Day Shred routine. (Jillian Michaels) I decided to do a 2 miler, but forgo... Read more
Onset Delay Bloat?
Monday, June 11, 2018      4 comments

Ugh! I was doing so well and this morning I am bloated. When I exercise I get the muscle soreness about 48 hours after the workout. It seems like I have 48 hour delay onset bloat. The other day I air fried some spring rolls, way too many of them... Read more
Race results and about goals
Sunday, June 10, 2018      2 comments

I have to brag about my race time 6. 55 miles on a challenging course (different terrain and hills, lots of hills). When I left the house, I announced to hubby my goal times: good - 1:22:00 better - 1:20:00 best - 1:18:00 I cam... Read more
Dealing with stress eating
Thursday, June 07, 2018      5 comments

I did well with my eating yesterday, for the most part. Then came the stress. My reaction: I found my hubby's stash of cookies and stuffed my face. Seriously? Eating cookies is going to relieve stress? No way! I just ended up feeling YUCK! ... Read more

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