Everyone has talents to share, share yours and make a difference!
Monday, April 29, 2013      5 comments

I have been involved in the construction industry for over 35 years. In those 35 years been project manager or foreman on hospitals, sports complexes, shopping malls, schools and many other commercial buildings. Not to mention several hundred Ha... Read more
Hooray for Doggies!
Tuesday, September 13, 2011      3 comments

A bit of a cheater blog, I was sent this link and wanted to share it to all the dog and Military lovers out there. One picture I noticed was a dog and his handler both wearing gas mask. This was posted for fun as well as I am sure the p... Read more
How to Observe Memorial Day by The Boot Campaign
Sunday, May 29, 2011      1 comments

How to Observe Memorial Day by The Boot Campaign on Sunday, May 29, 2011 at 7:52pm For most Americans, the three-day Memorial Day Weekend is a marker of the begi... Read more
New Beginnings
Monday, March 21, 2011      3 comments

As most you know I work for our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, over the years we have built two hundred homes and I had a part in almost 100 of those. We get out land from various resources, like donated, donated with a house on it, t... Read more
Life, loves, and mission trip part one
Sunday, March 06, 2011      5 comments

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me but that is good better to be busy than idle. I my last blog I was talking about packing for a trip and packing for life. Some of you know that I work for Habitat for Humanity and some know that I went o... Read more
Looking ahead
Friday, February 04, 2011      4 comments

As I am packing today for my trip I was double-checking my list to make, sure I have my meds, clothes, passport, cash, and so on. Most of us do the same thing but then we still worry about what we are going to forget. Why is it, every day we w... Read more
Serving others, helping myself, and you can do the same!
Thursday, February 03, 2011      3 comments

As most of my friends know I both work for and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and have for many years. During my time, I have served on many committees and worked on more homes that I will ever remember. I work for TriState Habitat for... Read more
Time for the family and me
Monday, November 29, 2010      2 comments

Anyone that really knows me knows two things, I rarely say no to help anyone and I never shut down from working. Traits that are good for me, I love to help people and I love to work and not one to sit idle for very long. However, it really h... Read more
Independence (Indy) Day for us!
Wednesday, June 30, 2010      1 comments

Well I headed out Sunday morning at 7 am for Nebraska. Not to officially welcome the Huskers to the Big Ten, but to pick up our new lab puppy Indy. Now why in the world w... Read more
June has not been our month
Wednesday, June 23, 2010      0 comments

It has been a rough June for the family. With the loss of our wonderful companion Justice, to all the rain that we had, and to the mysterious rash, I have developed what a month. I am not one to wish my life away but come on July and n... Read more
A sad day in our life
Wednesday, June 02, 2010      0 comments

This is truly one of the saddest days of my life; today we lost our friend, companion, my hunting and fishing buddy. After twelve wonderful years, my wife and I had to make the... Read more
I am a lucky man
Wednesday, May 12, 2010      0 comments

The first week was rough, the second week was tough, and the third week is smoothing out. Changing my eating habits after all these years is not easy; lucky for me my wife is my biggest supporter. She is researching foods and values, finding a... Read more
My how things have changed
Tuesday, May 11, 2010      0 comments

Years ago when I was lifting weights I used to eat 4000 calories a day in food and supplements. Chicken with chicken and them more chicken with pasta. I worked really had to consume that many calories, then I worked hard in the gym to build t... Read more
A New Day
Monday, May 10, 2010      0 comments

And a new week. What a way to start the week, 50 points on the Spark wheel. Too bad I can't seem to be as lucky with lottery tickets. But how much luck can one person have, a great wife, an outstanding dog, and a job I enjoy doing. But then ... Read more

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