The Walk...
Sunday, January 13, 2013      3 comments

Today, I went walking with some friends at a city creek trail. It was really nice. Beautiful day, crisp afternoon air, walking and talking with a buddy. I have had a foot injury and in the interest of not further exacerbating the injury... Read more
The truth hurts...
Saturday, January 05, 2013      2 comments

I had a wonderful day today. I met up with some of my favorite people and went to San Francisco for a day to meet yet another one of my favorite people for lunch, and whate... Read more
Slow they say...
Thursday, January 03, 2013      1 comments

So, when losing weight, it's almost always said nowadays, to go slow. Don't make any sudden moves (change habits too quickly) and be mindful of your choices. Well, that's what I'm doing. After 2 days, I had the same bad breakfast, a mu... Read more
One more time with 'flair'...
Tuesday, January 01, 2013      2 comments

So, Here I am again. It's been a year. I did a lot this year. I beat myself up a lot, the family home was sold, my sister died, I hadn't even gotten over mom dying in 2011... Read more
"The End" and a trip....
Tuesday, December 14, 2010      1 comments

So, Hairspray ended this weekend. We sold out every performance and it was amazing and awesome and was the event that forced me forward into my future. 12 performances in 9 days. Yes, that's right. Needless to say, my body is wracked. I am ... Read more
Saturday, December 11, 2010      1 comments

As I learn the errors in my eating ways, I also find that some of the physical things that I do is no way to track in Fitness Tracker. This is, of course, probably not unique to anyone, but I suppose, I just have to learn the ways around it. T... Read more
Ok. OK. I get it...I get it...*sigh*
Friday, December 10, 2010      1 comments

2 days in a row...I see what's going on. I have good carbs, good daily protein. Hmmm...where do I need improvement? Hmmm...Let's see. Hmmm...Fat?? Yup. Grrr...Ok. I get it. And I have to lay off the (Blue Diamond) almonds.... Read more
Discovering my weaknesses...
Thursday, December 09, 2010      3 comments

So, I'm officially on day 3 of being a member of SparkPeople. I am finding that old habits are hard to break. I am still working on getting rid of the incessant snacking in between meals, and if it has to be incessant snacking, that it be a ce... Read more
Tuesday, December 07, 2010      4 comments

...here we go. I've been ignoring the signs for a long time. I've had to go to my PCP 3 different times in the past 6 months for minor issues (laryngitis, referrals, etc) and each time, I gained 10 pounds between visits. *Sigh* Lemme giv... Read more