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This is My Year
Monday, March 05, 2012      3 comments

Have I ever mentioned that my younger brothers wife is a personal fitness trainer? I haven't? Maybe because I eliminate those tormented visits from my memory...all I know is that it feels like My arms and legs were ripped from their sockets the ... Read more
Can a Picture really motivate you? I think so...
Friday, February 24, 2012      3 comments

I saw this picture in a blog that is not part of Spark and I had to steal it. I think that if i had someone...I guess two people...that i was REALLY comfortable with i'd l... Read more
What Happens When You Want to Give Up?
Thursday, February 23, 2012      4 comments

First let me start off by saying that i am NOT giving up. I've had many ups and downs in this journey to a healthier me. I've sacrificed MANY...MANY hours and buckets of s... Read more
Friday the 13th - haha...che che
Friday, January 13, 2012      0 comments

Type 2 Diabetes High blood Pressure Low self esteem Social discrimination Breathing problems Limited mobility THESE ARE THE REASONS THAT I AM WORKING SO HAR... Read more
January 12th - Eye of the Tiger!
Thursday, January 12, 2012      1 comments

I can be very honest and say that I LOVE blogs! I enjoy seeing what others are doing on their journey. The blogs of those that have lost 100+ pounds inspire me...but if i ... Read more
Day 53...I hear the voices...everyday...
Monday, November 14, 2011      2 comments

Every morning my alarm goes off at 5:33am... Each night i PLAN to jump out of bed the next morning and walk/jog on the treadmill...but... Those darn voices in my head keep me in bed... ... Read more
A Tale of Two Killers
Wednesday, October 19, 2011      2 comments

Yesterday started off like any other day. I woke up to my alarm clock at 5:20am. I was too tired to get up so i snoozed it for a while. I eventually got up, took a shower and got dressed. I drove myself to work and went about my business. A... Read more
Monday, September 19, 2011      5 comments

I have this love/hate relationship with the mirror. There are times I look in the mirror and I see a strong woman and other times i see... I see a strong and determined woman when i look in the mirror after a good sweaty workout. These... Read more
Thursday, July 28, 2011      3 comments

This is a story about control, my control Control of what I say, control of what I do And this time I'm gonna do it my way I hope you enjoy this as much as I do Are we ready? I am? Cause it's all about control And I've got lots of it ... Read more
Ooops! There it is...
Wednesday, July 20, 2011      3 comments

So...have you ever had one of those days where you just didn't feel like sticking to your plan? Did you say yes? Then follow me on this journey that I took yesterday: My goal was to walk last night. Through out the day i kept pump... Read more
I'm Morbidly Obese...DUH!
Tuesday, July 19, 2011      16 comments

Did I REALLY need to seek out my BMI to know that I am morbidly obese? NOPE! One look at this curvaceous body of mine tells me that i've enjoyed dining without limitations for far too long. One look will tell I could probably tell you just about... Read more
Letter to Myself
Tuesday, July 05, 2011      6 comments

Hi Vicky! It's been a long while since we've spoken. Maybe I was too hesitant to come out and talk to you, or maybe you were too busy hiding from me. Whatever the reason we are at a point where we can no longer not face one another. We need... Read more
My WORST enemy...
Wednesday, May 11, 2011      6 comments

We all have at least one! My worst enemy to my body - right now - is sodium. I've written before about being on blood pressure pills and how much i hate them. BUT the reality is that they are trying to save my life. I've asked the nur... Read more
Monday, May 09, 2011      6 comments

So here i am...again. I have been terrible to my body and i know it. I've ignored what i know i should have done and be doing. I have no excuses, but here is how my body reacted... For the last two weeks it's been hard to sleep. When i lay ... Read more
What 290 means to me?
Friday, March 18, 2011      16 comments

So what does being 290 mean to me? It means: - i have lost 28.8lbs emoticon - i am one step closer to ... Read more

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