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June 23rd
Sunday, June 23, 2013      8 comments

I didn't end up running yesterday... I just fell asleep after dinner and slept forever. Yeahhh, I think I needed it. Today I'm taking it easy too... being active cooking walking, but not doing anything strenuous. I think the weekends need to be ... Read more
Saturday, June 22, 2013      11 comments

Somehow I lost 2.6 lb overnight(!!!!). I have been a lot more active lately and eating well, but damn! what a pleasant surprise to wake up to!'s a little bit ambitious, but I want to reach 343 by July 1st.... but truth be told, I'd ... Read more
Perspective Shift
Friday, June 21, 2013      6 comments

For most of my life, I was deathly embarrassed to be seen breathing heavily and sweating in public. It was probably the most embarrassing thing for me. Maybe it began with my family telling me it wasn't lady-like. Maybe it was reinforced by the ... Read more
Only .8 lb away from my goal for July 1st!
Friday, June 21, 2013      5 comments

Woke up this morning 1.4 lb lighter than 2 days ago ;) I've been quite active (barely sitting) these past 3 days, and yesterday I went swimming in the evening. Today I did the complete Weight Loss Yoga DVD in 15-minute spurts throughout the... Read more
I'm done with oats!!
Thursday, June 20, 2013      5 comments

I was wrong... I thought that eating rolled oats with my eggs would fill me up and keep me going, but this past week I've noticed that, on the days I eat them, I have a huge sugar crash about 2 hours later -- headache, sick to my stomach, very h... Read more
Meal plan for the rest of June
Thursday, June 20, 2013      6 comments

I haven't posted a food prep in a long time. This is what I'm planning for the next 10 days: Dinners: Zucchini "Pasta" w/ Turkey Meatballs Pork and Sauerkraut w/ Caramelized Apples Grilled Salmon Salad w/ Citrus Vinaigrette & Avocado... Read more
The 15-Minute Mandate
Tuesday, June 18, 2013      5 comments

Day one of NOT sitting. Pretty amazing. Each time I sat down, I set my timer for 60 min... when the alarm went off, I got up and did something for 15 min: watering flowers, cooking, cleaning, running to the store. ... Read more
I sit too much.
Monday, June 17, 2013      8 comments

Lately I've been reading articles like this:
e-hour-terrible... Read more
Just a little something to think about
Saturday, June 15, 2013      10 comments

All of these women weigh 150 lb. The scale cannot measure your health, your worth, your potential, or the love that you share with the world. Don't give the scale the p... Read more
Blog... Blog
Friday, June 14, 2013      5 comments

Must remember to Blog. I've had a crazy week... First, It was my first week of summer classes. Second...let's just say we had a plumbing DISASTER on Monday, and couldn't get in touch with our landlord/maintenance for a really long time. It was v... Read more
Never lose sight of how far you've come...
Monday, June 10, 2013      21 comments

A picture is worth a thousand words. In 2008, I was at the height of depression. I had just dropp... Read more
June 7th
Friday, June 07, 2013      7 comments

Short blog again because i'm out of town. Things are good. I found some full body photos from a few months ago and I see a major difference when I look in the mirror... it makes me feel even more motivated to keep it up. Breakfast: eggs in ... Read more
June 6th
Thursday, June 06, 2013      9 comments

Quick Blog! I'm packing / cooking food for a trip out of town this weekend. Feeling good, if not a little bit sore... so today was a total rest day, but I got some stretching in. Breakfast: 2 eggs in pasture butter, 1/2 of an Indian kidney... Read more
June 5th
Wednesday, June 05, 2013      6 comments

Today is a much needed gentle yoga day… After doing lots of swimming, lunges, hops, and squats in the pool, I really needed to stretch things out (including my shoulders, pecs, lats, triceps, quads, hips, lower back… pretty much everything, lol)... Read more
June 4th
Tuesday, June 04, 2013      12 comments

I wasn't feeling great today. The crappy food from last night made me very sluggish, and then some personal stuff happened. Anxiety/depression rears its ugly head. I didn't feel like being around people today... so I did Bob's Weight Loss ... Read more

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