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HAPPY Father's Day
Sunday, June 21, 2020      5 comments

To all dads. Remember to say I Love and care with a hug. While you can. emoticon... Read more
National Ugly Dog Day
Saturday, June 20, 2020      4 comments

Sad thought an ugly dog. I have one of the breeds people consider ugly, a Chinese Crested. She is so sweet and loyal. This is my love puppy ... Read more
What is Beautiful in your day
Friday, June 19, 2020      5 comments

Beautiful Garden emoticon Beautiful sound of the birds ... Read more
my little dog
Thursday, June 18, 2020      5 comments

got outside. We had a hard time finding her and getting her back home. She listens in the house but when off the leash she will not come only run.... Read more
Q: If you were in a race and passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in?
Wednesday, June 17, 2020      8 comments

A: 2nd place! Q: What English word has three consecutive double letters? A: Bookkeeper Q: David's father had three sons: Snap, Crackle, and ? A: David! Q: What begins with T ends with T and has T in it? A: A teapot... Read more
Monday, June 15, 2020      6 comments

emoticon Smiling really does increase attractiveness and likability between people. Smiling creates greater trust... Read more
What do you call two monkeys sharing an Amazon account?
Sunday, June 14, 2020      9 comments

PRIME-mates. Q: Why go to the paint store when you're on a diet? A: You can get thinner there. How do you know when a bike is thinking? You can see its wheels turning. Enjoy and laugh. Laughter lowers your blood pressure. ... Read more
Today day is National Sewing Machine day & National Rose (wine) Day
Saturday, June 13, 2020      2 comments

Do the names Elias Howe or Isaac Singer mean anything to you? These two gentlemen are credited with the invention of the modern sewing machine. ... Read more
Today is National Loving Day on June 12th
Friday, June 12, 2020      3 comments

I give everyone a hug! emoticon Love you all! Have a great, safe and healthy weekend. ... Read more
Q: What do you call a mythical veggie?
Thursday, June 11, 2020      9 comments

A: A unicorn. Q: What do corn use for money? A: Corn "Bread." Q: How is an ear of corn like an army? A: It has lots of kernels. source: http://jokes4us.com/miscellane
es.html ... Read more
Waiting for a storm
Wednesday, June 10, 2020      4 comments

most of the time because of Lake Erie the rain/snow storms will miss us and end up in Ashtabula. It seems like we will all get this storm so I will go out and take down some of my porch cushions and plants. I need to exercise out on the porch an... Read more
I got a haircut today
Tuesday, June 09, 2020      10 comments

I have not had my haircut since before Christmas. My appointment was for the week Ohio had a stay at home order. She cut off 5 inches I was ok until I looked into the mirror and I had like no hair....After the shock I feel this is a great haircu... Read more
Today is a blessed day
Sunday, June 07, 2020      3 comments

Sunday is beautiful here, the weather is perfect. Everyone is healthy! My older 90's Aunt called to say they miss me calling. ... Read more
beautiful day
Saturday, June 06, 2020      3 comments

sitting on the porch reading. Tonight will be church it is finally open again. Missed the church during the lockdown, so my porch served as my place to meditate, pray, exercise and then find peace! Peace and health to all for God loves us all th... Read more
sitting on the porch in the beautiful weather
Friday, June 05, 2020      4 comments

so nice it could stay this way all year! Dogs are looking for something to bark at, even the birds are sleeping. In the morning I exercise here on the porch because the breeze is so nice.... Read more

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