A Little Under The Weather!
Tuesday, November 26, 2013      4 comments

I have developed one heck of a cold. The past 3 days all I have done is sleep and blow my nose. I have managed to do a little exercise each day, but the most I have done is 49 min. today. I hope tomorrow I will feel better, because I have pies t... Read more
Feeling Accomplished!
Wednesday, November 20, 2013      4 comments

I am so happy. I feel like I have accomplished so much in the past couple of years. I have lost about 50 lbs. I am maintaining a daily exercise routine at least 5 times per week. Most weeks I exercise about 500 min. Compared to when I first beg... Read more
Being Healthy!!!
Tuesday, November 05, 2013      6 comments

I still have about 5 lbs. to lose, but I feel so good about myself. I have lost about 50 lbs. since I began in 2011. I have become very active, and I make sure to track daily. When I first began my journey I was lucky to do 10-20 min of exercise... Read more
Another Busy Weekend!
Saturday, October 26, 2013      1 comments

It certainly is going to be a busy weekend for me. However I will love every minute of it. Today I will go spend the night at my daughters watching my grandson for a while. Then I will enjoy my daughters company. Tomorrow morning we will go out ... Read more
Having A Good Week So Far!!!
Wednesday, October 23, 2013      4 comments

So far this week everything is going well. I have been trying to up my walking. Yesterday I did about 15000 steps. That is a great accomplishment for me. I think I have finally figured out how to use my sparkpeople tracker. I have just been taki... Read more
A Good Week!
Saturday, October 19, 2013      4 comments

I weighed myself this morning and I loss 1 lb. Yeah for me. Today I have a Thirty One Party. I am the consultant. This is only my 2nd party and I'm a little nervous. One good thing my Mom is the hostess and it is at my house, so I will be in a c... Read more
Sunday, October 13, 2013      4 comments

I am becoming really frustrated. I bought the Spark Tracker, and it doesn't seem to be working right. Today I went for a walk outdoors and I know I did at least 3 miles. When I got home and tracked my steps I only had 2600. Plus all the other wa... Read more
A Very Busy Week!
Sunday, October 06, 2013      2 comments

I have been so busy this week. It started off with me cleaning my living room on Sunday. I also attended a birthday party for my brother-in-law. On Monday I needed to rum errands and do laundry. Tuesday I packed and then my husband and I left fo... Read more
Not Feeling Well!
Thursday, September 26, 2013      3 comments

I have been having problems with my neck. So today I needed to go to the Drs. to be checked out. The Dr. sent me to the ER to have an xray. He also prescribed 2 prescriptions. One for pain and a muscle relaxer. I needed to go to the grocery stor... Read more
Fall Cleaning!
Tuesday, September 24, 2013      1 comments

Slowly I have been doing my fall cleaning. To do 1 room it takes me several hours. With a back injury and a knee injury, it takes me a couple of days to complete a room. I finished my computer room today. It took about 2 hrs of up and down a ch... Read more
A Very Good Day!
Wednesday, September 18, 2013      3 comments

I have had an excellent day today. I did a 30 min cardio blast video with Coach Nicole. I brought my dog for a 2 mile walk. Ate well within my calorie range,and stayed motivated. I also have made invitations for my sister's 60th birthday party. ... Read more
A Great Week!
Sunday, September 15, 2013      6 comments

Last week I had a terrific one. I stayed away from the junk food and I loss 1.4 lbs. I made an accomplishment and I'm very proud of it. Thru this challenge I have only lost about 3.6 lbs, but it is better than a gain. I have 5 more lbs to goal. ... Read more
A Great Weekend!
Sunday, September 01, 2013      1 comments

I have been enjoying my weekend so much. My husband and I are at my brother and sister-in laws this entire weekend. We have been enjoying the company and the relaxing time. I have managed to do plenty of exercise and eating good food. Today we w... Read more
A Good Day!
Sunday, August 25, 2013      4 comments

Today has been a very good day. I had a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus I had some healthy snacks. I did 80 side bends with 5# weights, I went for a nice walk with my grandson, plus I did some other walking. I am watching my grandson over... Read more
A Great Day!!
Friday, August 23, 2013      3 comments

Today was a wonderful day. I spent the morning cleaning, exercising and visiting with my Mom and sister-in-law. At 11:30 My mom and I went to my sister's ( she has down syndrome) fashion show. It is such a happy occasion. All the clients and sta... Read more

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