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Friday, November 22, 2013      1 comments

You know, what seemed so easy the last time is proving to be SO tough this time. I have tried to start a new exercise streak three times and have failed miserably each time and I don't know what the issue is. I DO want to get healthier. I DO wan... Read more
Starting a new Streak
Tuesday, November 19, 2013      3 comments

So yesterday was the first day of the rest of my new life....again....but I decided that I needed to get my life back on track and start exercising again because the doctor visit is looming large in my near future (mid-December) and I REALLY nee... Read more
Starting Again....Again
Monday, October 28, 2013      1 comments

So I have been just coasting along, not eating really good or really bad and not exercising much above extra walking during shopping or at work crossing campus for meetings. Haven't gained any weight and even lost a tiny bit. But, I don't feel e... Read more
Monday, August 19, 2013      4 comments

Isn't it interesting how the stupidest things spark a change? I weigh myself every day so I know I've lost almost 30 pounds. I look at myself in the mirror and I know that my body shape has changed some (not enough but some). I know that I'm sli... Read more
Tired but still Sparking
Monday, July 15, 2013      5 comments

This summer has been really tough for me for some reason. At the university I work for, we go to summer hours the beginning of June, which means that we work Mon-Thurs with Fridays off (yeah) but have 7:30-5:30 days, which means I now have to ge... Read more
Didn't Work This Time
Monday, July 01, 2013      2 comments

Putting it "out there" didn't work this time. I started great...4 days in with solid exercise and I put on 4 pounds. FRUSTRATING to say the least. I stopped exercising and the weight came right back off. What the heck? I'm sorry but I don't acce... Read more
Out There or Not Doing It
Thursday, June 20, 2013      3 comments

So, it is now obvious to me that unless I put out there a specific challenge to myself, I will not do anything I know I should. Since going on vacation, I have hardly exercised and not eaten that great. Luckily I must be doing OK because I haven... Read more
Gotta Turn This Ship Around
Thursday, June 06, 2013      23 comments

Since being on vacation, I've let my ship sail off without me. The good thing is I haven't gained any weight, which I was REALLY worried about, but I haven't lost either, although that seems to be the case lately anyway. BUT, I didn't do a good ... Read more
Kinda Just Slogging Along
Friday, May 17, 2013      2 comments

Not really feeling good or bad...just kinda there. I am officially on vacation from work for 2 1/2 weeks, which makes me VERY happy, but just in a blah mood overall. I am really looking forward to our real vacation beginning on the 24th - going ... Read more
Just plugging along
Friday, May 10, 2013      2 comments

Not much to report. Back to the up and down, back and forth of three pounds. Started the next 30 day streak and up to 7 days at this point. I figure I'll do 30 days at a time, take a day off, and then start another 30 day streak. I'm going to me... Read more
After the Doctor's Visit
Monday, May 06, 2013      1 comments

Well, things went pretty good at the doctor's office. My A1C went below 7 (6.8) from 7.3 at my last visit so she was very happy. My cholesteral was still a bit high (219) but she was willing to give me another 6 months to get it down before movi... Read more
62 Days was the Final Total
Friday, May 03, 2013      1 comments

I didn't make the verbal committment to continue for another 30 days because I wasn't sure how I was going to feel. I hit days 61 and 62 and was ready for day 63 but a traffic snafoo tied up my husband and it didn't happen. I was tired and didn'... Read more
Hit the 60 day Spark Streak!!!
Tuesday, April 30, 2013      3 comments

I DID IT!!! I hit 60 continuous days of exercise of 30 minutes or more!! I've hit two months in a row of over 1000 minutes, something I had been trying to hit for a while. I still haven't decided if I'm going to shoot for 90 days but I plan to k... Read more
Almost at 60 days
Friday, April 26, 2013      3 comments

I haven't decided if I am going to continue the exercise challenge for another 30 days but I've almost hit 60 and so far am still going with little resistance. I've had a few days where I had to force myself into the workout clothes but not as m... Read more
A Little Good and A Little Bad
Monday, April 22, 2013      4 comments

So yesterday was one of the worst days yet. I got up and hubby did my measurements. I hadn't done them for three weeks and expected to see some good, solid change with all the exercise I've done and all I got was a 1/2 inch off my waist. Everyth... Read more

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