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Fly by
Friday, August 11, 2017      3 comments

This year seems to be flying by fast. I have gone through some good times and bad times in the past month. I have survived and made it through. I haven't made it to the gym as much as I would have liked. But I have made a point to park further ... Read more
Tuesday, July 18, 2017      2 comments

Once again. I'm working out some. Not as much as I would like. But been squeezing it in when I can. Promised myself I will do better after vacation. No excuses. Been eating better. 6 out of 7 days a week. Live is busy, hard and relentles... Read more
And work it
Thursday, June 01, 2017      1 comments

Day two of back on track working out. I walked during lunch today and yesterday. Today I went to the gym. I worked out about an hour. Mini me and I had a blast. Just need to figure out how to track it correctly. ... Read more
Thursday, June 01, 2017      3 comments

Been through alot lately. Was unemployed for a couple months. Finally back employed. Temporary job. But it should last about 18 months. Been too busy to do anything. Just started back walking today. Im going to walk during lunch and then work o... Read more
November is here already.....
Wednesday, November 02, 2016      2 comments

New month. This year is going by fast. I have recently decided to go low carb high fat in my style of eating. So far I lost 5 lbs int he first week. Halloween messed me up! LOL CANDY CANDY CANDY!!! I told my husband that I knew that Thanksg... Read more
Sept is here......
Monday, September 05, 2016      2 comments

This year is going by fast. Celebrated my 1 year anniversary in July. Who would have thought! LOL This having minor medical issues but my doctor says to keep working out. There is nothing wrong with that. Today I started walking my favorite trai... Read more
Saturday, May 28, 2016      3 comments

Well I have not been able to workout for the past week and a half. I had been experiencing swelling and was not sure why. I finally went to the doctor. Diagnosis it as..... my medicine was doing it. So they changed my medicine. I only take one ... Read more
12 week workout
Wednesday, April 13, 2016      4 comments

Found a free 12 week workout class. Started yesterday. Felt good. Going to go 3 days a week. Also signed up for a 12 week total wellness class. Started last week. Both took beginning weighs. The total wellness also did a free screening....... Read more
Friday, February 05, 2016      3 comments

Still busy. Doing more but not the most. Joined a 12 week biggest loser challenge at work. More motivation. One nice thing is that at work we are allowed 30 minutes a day to exercise. So I am definitely going to take advantage of that.... Read more
I will because I want to!!!!!
Monday, November 02, 2015      3 comments

I have been a busy woman lately. I have been too busy to work out, so I have gained some pounds back! emoticon... Read more
No resolutions! Just the new me!!!
Thursday, January 08, 2015      4 comments

Got back from my 2 week vacation tired but happy. Energized ready for the new year! Starting the year off..... Single, Employed, New Car, Happy Kids, Ready to do this! This first week has been a joy. Got back to work on Monday... everyone... Read more
On a mission
Sunday, December 21, 2014      1 comments

Finally got the gym membership. Will be working out with several women from work. Monday nights and a couple of other days during the week. YES!!! Vacation starts in 2 days. So once I get back the first full week in the new year. It is on! Wor... Read more
End of year coming to a close.......
Sunday, December 07, 2014      2 comments

Car died. So ended up getting a new car. Relationship ended. Started a new one. Work is getting interesting. About to join a gym later on this week. Found a workout buddy at work. Not sure how often she wants to work out...... but that is ... Read more
If it can happen...... It has
Thursday, October 09, 2014      3 comments

Back after a brief break. SMH Computer crashed, lost fitbit, new relationship, promotion at work, competitive gymnastics for mini me.....etc,etc etc. I have been going crazy lately. Seems like my life is flying by and I am just sitting her... Read more
Happy 4th of July
Friday, July 04, 2014      4 comments

What a good day for me. I made it into the spotight o my 5% group! Woot Woot Last week I work so hard on Saturday that I pulled a muscle in my left arm. At least it felt that way. I got home and passed out for the night. Woke up the middl... Read more

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