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Friday, October 26, 2007      1 comments

Well i ate 2000 calories yesterday. I did weigh in yesterday though an di had dropped 6 pds. I am at 135 know yeah!! But I am starting to slack off. I know I am. So i need to get back on track. I went and tried on clothes today and still was fru... Read more
Tuesday, October 23, 2007      0 comments

Well today i have done ok. I ate a hamburger and fries. But I still have keep my calories down. I am going homw tonight to do a few reps on my ab lounge. My boyfriend had a wreck yesterday so it kinda knocked off my motivation yesterday and i at... Read more
Sunday, October 21, 2007      0 comments

Well today is going ok. I have only took in about 638 calories and then i will go home and eat dinner. I will do a few excersise before i go to bed. I am seeing a differnence in my waistline. I hope I can keep this up!!!... Read more
Saturday, October 20, 2007      0 comments

Well today i didi good I have only ate like 1200 calories. I excersied today to. I am still highly motivated and willing. I am proud og myself. And I still feel good about myself. And my physical being feels alot healthier.... Read more
Saturday, October 20, 2007      0 comments

Well today I ate 1650 calories. it has been my worst day. But that is ok. It is still so much less then what I was eating. But I have been excersing and trying.So go TASHA.. I am not weighing until next friday.... Read more
Thursday, October 18, 2007      0 comments

I have been doing good still!!Yeah, and I am feeling good about what I am doing. So lets See how I do this weekend. And tomorrow is my weighing day!!!Good LUCK TO MYSELF!!!... Read more
Wednesday, October 17, 2007      0 comments

I did ok today. i don't feel like I have but the tracker says other wise. So i guess it is right. Well I am off work for the next few days. Know i need to maintain my eating habits and excersie.It is time for me to start excersing. Well GO TASHA... Read more
Oct. 15/15/07
Monday, October 15, 2007      2 comments

I am at work and I have done great so far. I need to maintain the motivation. I bring my lunch. I am only going to take in about 300 calories for lunch. I think today I will make it. I have to take one day at a time or i will get discourage.... Read more
Today is a new Day
Sunday, October 14, 2007      0 comments

I am really trying this time. i have been such a slacker. I start then i stop. But not this time. I am ready i have done well today. So I just need to stay motivated .... Read more
New Start
Sunday, October 07, 2007      0 comments

Well i am so excited about trying to lose wight and having help with motivation. I am trying to start off slow. I haven't drank any cokes today. I know that i have a long way to go, but i need to start somewhere, right. I am at work today and al... Read more