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It's my birthday, I'll cry if I want to!!
Wednesday, December 09, 2009      6 comments

Well, not yet but close enough anyway!! Last night's season finale of biggest loser hit home yet again. There is absolutely NO reason for me to continue to abuse my body by cramming into my mouth every fattening piece of junk food I see! I am... Read more
2009---New start
Saturday, January 03, 2009      3 comments

Okay, alright already!! My clothes are screaming "stop torturing me!" and I don't think I've weighed in 5 months...5 long months. Yep, it's been that long since I gave much of a thought about discipline or self-control....been eating everythin... Read more
Blurry pictures and other inane stuff
Sunday, July 06, 2008      5 comments

Naomi's making me blog!!! LOL It's one thing I don't have the desire/discipline to do daily. If it works for others, that's great...I'm just not a blogger yet! Just like I'm not a self-portrait taker!!! I can take great pics of other people... Read more
Confession time!
Monday, May 19, 2008      6 comments

Ok...confession time....I just got home from meeting the best looking guy I have EVER dated! When I was much younger and worked in bars I dated a lot of guys, so that's saying a lot! What I'm confessing to is the sheer panic that I felt on the... Read more
I'm really excited!
Tuesday, April 08, 2008      6 comments

I love adventure, don't you? I've decided to view my weightloss journey as an adventure. You know...you've got all these grandiose plans when you start, great motivation, and expectations. Then when life sets in you learn none of those are gon... Read more
The Honeymoon is DEFINITELY OVER!!
Monday, March 24, 2008      7 comments

Ok..here we are at the end of March. Are you where you expected to be at this point in the year when you made those New Year's Resolutions? I can tell you---I am NOT! What's up with that? It started off fairly easy to watch what I ate, motiv... Read more
Who's in your bloodline?
Sunday, January 13, 2008      3 comments

I was listening to Joel Osteen's new book on cd the other day and something he said really stuck with me. If you haven't read/heard the book and you are a work-in-progress, I strongly recommend it. It was a Christmas gift and could not have be... Read more
This is really hard!!
Thursday, December 27, 2007      1 comments

Ok, I have to be real here. This past week was my 39th birthday and boy was it tough! I've asked a number of people what you're supposed to hold on to when you are "39 and holding" and no one has an answer! The answer, of course, is that you ... Read more