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Tuesday Check-In - Intuitive Eating
Tuesday, January 31, 2017      3 comments

Happy Tuesday! I feel somewhat bad about not posting my progress last Thursday, but last week was distressing and I'm trying not to live with regrets. That said, "No regrets" doesn't mean, "Eat anything and everything and as much as you can... Read more
Week 3 - Back in the saddle & The Best Diet!
Thursday, January 19, 2017      9 comments

As hard as week 2 was, week 3 I felt was a much bigger success. I logged all my food into MyFitnessPal (okay, so I left off the dinner last night at BJ's - but I preplanned what I ate and avoided dessert, so bonus points? LOL), went to the gym o... Read more
Monday Check-In - Getting back to normal
Monday, January 16, 2017      2 comments

It is amazing how much my body craves gym time. I've been out of commission because of either the weather or being monstrously sick with the stomach flu and haven't been able to hit the gym anywhere near the amount I wanted. Before the holi... Read more
Week 2 - Okay, so that was not expected
Friday, January 13, 2017      3 comments

Just last week, I was talking about some of the things I wanted to accomplish this year - mostly to get back into regular workouts at the gym, making healthier food choices, etc. And then this week happened. It started with freezing pi... Read more
Week 1 - Happy New Year!
Thursday, January 05, 2017      4 comments

Happy New Year my fellow Sparkers! I'm glad to see you all in the new year! New Year's is here with us and it's that time of the year to get a gym membership, use that FitBit your honey gave you or make that resolution to lose X pounds. ... Read more
The weekend!
Friday, December 02, 2016      3 comments

This week has been hella stressful at work, so I am very glad to be moving into the weekend. Of course, the weekend will have its own struggles - ones I'm sure my fellow Sparkers are very well acquainted! Yes, I am talking about the weekend... Read more
Be vigilant every day
Wednesday, November 30, 2016      5 comments

Day 2 of logging in and blogging! It's the small goals, right? What a beautiful thing to see comments on yesterday's blog posts! I certainly did NOT expect to see that, but it was hugely encouraging, as today was one of those days where I d... Read more
Long time no see - once again!
Tuesday, November 29, 2016      7 comments

Hello Again! As is typical of me (and I think we all understand this place), I gradually stopped logging in, stopped watching what I was eating. And is typical, I found myself in an unhappy, unhealthy place. But back around June/July of thi... Read more
Being sick
Monday, August 31, 2015      5 comments

So on Wednesday, the strangest thing happened. A quarter to 3, I suddenly had a sore throat. Weird. It did not go away with water, so I wasn't too surprised when the next day I woke up with a cold. So I've been sick for about 5 days now. I'... Read more
Wednesday, August 26, 2015      4 comments

I am proud today. Yesterday, I stuck to my plan. I ate the Medifast foods I planned. When I went home, I finished the cous cous and grilled veggies in the fridge - about 1 cup of cous cous and a LOT of grilled veggies (peppers, eggplant, zucchin... Read more
This finding a "new routine thing" *SIGH*
Tuesday, August 25, 2015      8 comments

I hate saying "I'm back" because either it seems my previous return didn't last or it really highlights how long it's been that I've taken a break. I have had my braces for nearly a month, and my mouth is definitely more accustomed to the l... Read more
Finding a new routine
Monday, August 03, 2015      4 comments

So I got off vacation last week and started slowly getting back into my routine: work, exercise, eating, etc. And then I got braces last Wednesday! This is a good thing, because as a result of the DNA appliance that was used to cure my slee... Read more
Back from Vacation!
Wednesday, July 29, 2015      7 comments

Howdy do! I am BACK from vacation! And I got the most amazing picture: Yes, that is Stonehenge! Anyway, while I was on vacation, I was def... Read more
Vacation starts tomorrow!
Thursday, July 09, 2015      5 comments

So tomorrow is my first day of vacation! I'm nervous and excited - traveling to a new place and all! I plan on trying to watch what I eat, but I also want to enjoy the local food too. Anyway, I won't be on much the next two weeks. Wish me l... Read more
Tuesday, July 07, 2015      3 comments

It's probably been like two weeks since I came back on SparkPeople and started monitoring what I ate on MyFitnessPal. In that two weeks, I hadn't really seen the scale move much at all. In fact, Scale and I had a heart-to-heart awhile back. ... Read more

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