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reflections of the last week
Sunday, March 15, 2009      3 comments

last week was pretty good. i worked a bit less and had a couple of days off. the weather was great so i got in my 3 planned runs, 2 strength training days and 2 yoga workouts as i planned. on top of that because it was so sunny i went for a few ... Read more
feeling better
Wednesday, March 11, 2009      5 comments

i have been feeling better this week. not sure if i want to give the credit to the antidepressants i am on yet or not. either way i am thankful. my weight has started to drop since i went on them. so far a positive side effect. however, th... Read more
I need to be myself again
Thursday, March 05, 2009      4 comments

I had a run planned today. nothing too long. nothing too fast. however, i just don't even have the motivation to get dressed. i seriously feel if it wasn't for the things i have to do in my life (work, take care of ds, eat, sleep, breathe) i wou... Read more
My Plan for the Week
Sunday, March 01, 2009      2 comments

So last week I took the whole week off running. I spun a couple of times and did some x-training instead. However, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. I was supposed to go to physio but I had to cancel since I had to work. blah! I hav... Read more
i am going to rock n roll!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009      7 comments

so my friend and i decided yesterday that we are going to do the rock n roll in seattle at the end of june. screw our work!!!!! my friend called me at work and said she will get the time off if i can so we decided to go for it. this is the fi... Read more
a little bit of sick.... a little bit of that
Sunday, February 22, 2009      2 comments

i am icing my footsies right now. i woke up this morning with a head/sinus cold. first sunday off really since september and i get sick. yuck! probably a good week for this since i am not going to run at all. however, i planned on riding ... Read more
weekend blog - frustrated with foot!!!!! agh!!!
Saturday, February 21, 2009      4 comments

so i had a pretty good week. got in 3 runs so far this week and the elliptical. i have also strength trained 3 times. however, my shin issue i believe has turned into plantar facitis in my left foot. my right foot is bugging me too but no... Read more
Monday, February 16, 2009      5 comments

today was long. we spent most of it at the bank and at a car dealership. not fun. this stuff stresses me totally out. it all worked out in the end though. i called the doctor's office and i can go next wednesday. will see what transpires f... Read more
Feb Week 2 Recap
Sunday, February 15, 2009      4 comments

I did great with cardio this week. I burned 2000 calories which is impressive as only about 375 were from running. i only did strength training one time. my legs are still bugging me. the aches are moving around and can be anywhere from my arche... Read more
feb week one recap
Sunday, February 08, 2009      5 comments

February Goals -strength train at least 2 times per week completed for this week -get outside and run more ran 2 out of my 3 runs outside -take the time to stretch and self massage lower legs pretty much daily but more becau... Read more
January Recap
Saturday, January 31, 2009      4 comments

So I thought I should do a little recap for myself. I didn't actually do any formal goals this month which is odd for me. I did do MTC again this month. MTC: I have 2 more days to go which I will finish off this coming week. I mostly did th... Read more
my name is jen and i am an underpronator
Thursday, January 29, 2009      3 comments

well at least i am on the treadmill. when i went to get my new runners today he said i am stricking heavily on the outside of my foot. i do roll in so i am somewhat neutral when i run outside however, you get me on the treadmill or pick up my sp... Read more
randoms just cause i am bored
Monday, January 26, 2009      5 comments

i am doing this pretty much cause i am bored. yes i could be doing something WAY more productive like cleaning but that would just be plain silly. so i am not able to get into a massage until thursday. i am not looking forward to it. it nor... Read more
having some leg issues and life issues...
Friday, January 23, 2009      5 comments

it is both legs so i am hoping that new runners help the problem. since monday i have been have achy achilles tendons and my shins have started to ache. it doens't hurt while i run and the pain is never acute type omg pain. my runners only have ... Read more
5 km results - i won i won i won
Sunday, January 18, 2009      13 comments

i won my age group!!!!! woo hoo! i wonder if i stuck around if i would have gotten a prize??? hmmm. since this may be the only time ever i will see this in my life again: 1 11 1050 Jennifer *********** 27:06 5:26 Pitt Meadows BC CANADA ... Read more

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