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Saturday will be 4 weeks of the 10 minute challenge!
Thursday, August 05, 2010      6 comments

Wow the 4 weeks have went so fast. I haven't missed one day of exercise for 10 minutes . I have found i am not so dragged out all the time since i am doing this. I was napping at least 2-3 hours a day to keep up some of that time i read but i wa... Read more
Lets help one another!
Tuesday, August 03, 2010      11 comments

Just got done answering a blog to a lady on here that is realllllllly hurting because basically she was put down by so called friends for trying to lose weight. I told her to hold on and focus on sparkpeople and the friends on this site. All of ... Read more
Bought a pedimeter today!
Monday, August 02, 2010      9 comments

I bought a pedimeter today even tho i have no intentions of stepping 10,000 steps i just was curious how many steps i take in a day. Went to wal-mart shopping and always run into someone i hadn't seen for a while. This friend said " haven't you ... Read more
Goals for August!
Sunday, August 01, 2010      12 comments

I am so happy to know i got my life back! I won't tempt to tell you it has been an easy journey because it hasn't been but it is a doable journey. On December 4 th 2009 i signed up for this journey and here i am August 1st 2010 and i can't tell ... Read more
Had an urge for Pizza!
Saturday, July 31, 2010      4 comments

I have had a good day today! Went to flea market and bought a book for 50 cents Joyce Meyers . I love to read her books. Come home and took an hour nap. Didn't get ice cream today i talked myself out of it and this evening i could taste donoto's... Read more
10 minute challenge is great!
Thursday, July 29, 2010      7 comments

Saturday i will have completed my 3rd week on the challenge and am realllllllllly pleased with it. I don't do much but stretching and moving but it is helping me . It rained alittle this morning but it's cooler than what it was. I am trying to c... Read more
Getting or giving a compliment can go a long way!
Wednesday, July 28, 2010      10 comments

I went to see my step- son today and he will never realise what an impact he made on my life today! I have been on sparkpeople since December and really working hard to get 75 points aday at least and help at least 2 a day by passing on encourag... Read more
I done it loss down to 159.8
Tuesday, July 27, 2010      15 comments

Thank the Lord the scales moved! I am soooooooooo happy! Last month i weighted 162.8 lb thats 3 lbs this month! I think the 10 minute exercise really helped! So far i haven't missed a day ! Today is a special day for me i have been waiting to g... Read more
Monday, July 26, 2010      5 comments

Looked this up on the computer because i was going to long john silvers today when we take the kittens off. They did take the kittens thank the Lord and we went to long johns for lunch . I didn't want the fried stuff so i looked up this dinner ... Read more
Kittens go to pet store tomarrow!
Sunday, July 25, 2010      4 comments

Got 4 little kittens that we have to take to the pet store tomarrow and 5 baby rabbits would love to keep them all but we have enough pets ! Gonna have a couple of baby goats this month sometime. Been a buzy day but we were in two great services... Read more
Learning more about restraunts
Saturday, July 24, 2010      6 comments

Went to wendys the other day and got a baked potato with cheese broccoli and chilly ! looked it up when i got home 580 calories ! Won't happen again ! ... Read more
Bought me a new pair of house shoes!
Friday, July 23, 2010      4 comments

Went to the dollar store and got me a new pair of house shoes they were on sale for 2.50 instead of 5 they are a size 5-6 my other ones were a 7 and since i have lost some weight i walk out of them all the time. They are a dainy pink i really l... Read more
This has been a great day!
Thursday, July 22, 2010      8 comments

Been busy today but it's been a good day! Trying to increase my water from 8 glasses a day to 10 a day . Yesterday and today i got that in ! Not drinking pop really seems funny its been a week tomarrow and it seems like a looooooooooong time ! I... Read more
busy day today!
Wednesday, July 21, 2010      5 comments

Boy i am really tired its almost 10 o'clock and i just got home from church for the second time today! Met some friends for lunch i had a house salad with fat free ranch and large ice water. Went to senior building for church . Went to wal-mart ... Read more
Get weighted a week from today
Tuesday, July 20, 2010      1 comments

This month i have made alot of positive changes. I quit pop i hope for a year i am on day 4! Ha!Ha!!! We will see what happens! Get weighted a week from today at weight watchers i hope i don't gain like i did last month! This month i have wrote ... Read more

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