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Quietly changing course
Thursday, October 25, 2012      3 comments

I've been doing a lot of thinking (and thankfully, less binge eating) in the past 2 weeks. Thankfully, I can start running after getting some chiropractic care for my knee/leg with the IT issues. I'll be glad when I can run regularly as tha... Read more
Assignment: 10 years later
Tuesday, October 16, 2012      1 comments

I've seen this mentioned a couple of times on SparkPeople and I'm visualizing myself in 10 years as a slender, active, less-food-obsessed person, having mastered better cooking skills and still experimenting with the latest new trendy foods (lik... Read more
I'm worth it
Saturday, October 13, 2012      4 comments

I have to say that despite my attention to staying binge-free, I still struggle. I appreciate the help of my Spark friends and hope that soon (today) that I'll begin a long streak of binge-free days. I'm worth the effort and attention it t... Read more
Happy to start running again
Saturday, October 06, 2012      3 comments

I started running about 6 years ago (great post-breakup therapy, LOL!) but stopped in the spring because of some painful IT band issues (it hurts most in the knee). I went to the orthopedic doctor this week and will be starting chiropractic care... Read more
A hamburger kind of day
Friday, October 05, 2012      1 comments

Normally when I eat out I am tempted to add to the pleasure(?) by continuing to eat less than healthfully throughout the day. Today, however, I entered my food choices into SparkPeople and am counting the calories, then I'll cut back by suppleme... Read more
Start small, dream big
Thursday, October 04, 2012      2 comments

I have struggled for a long time with binging and out of control eating, however I'm finding that the Spark idea that large accomplishments start as the meeting of small goals (with rewards ... Read more
I'm still learning!
Sunday, September 23, 2012      5 comments

I've always associated making food choices which weren't planned to be undesirable and a reason to just keep eating, however I'm finding through tracking on SparkPeople that sometimes, IT JUST ISN'T THAT BAD! Eat it, enjoy it, own it, and move o... Read more
30 Day Blog Challenge, Days 11-15
Saturday, September 22, 2012      1 comments

OK, catch up time because I think this is worthwhile. Who knew journaling could be so beneficial, LOL?! 11. What do you like most about your body? Has what you like most about your changed as you've progressed towards your goals? I th... Read more
On a positive note
Saturday, September 22, 2012      1 comments

I've realized recently how much energy I spend counting up all the things I've done "wrong" in the day, when I now believe that I should be considering all the good things i've done. I need to be my own best fan clearly because what I've been do... Read more
On the importance of support
Wednesday, September 19, 2012      5 comments

I haven't blogged in a week or so, but just wanted to remark on the importance of support. The community boards and emails i receive from fellow Sparkers have been invaluable. Positive feedback, great ideas and just being part of a greater... Read more
30 Day Blog Challenge, Days 9 and 10
Monday, September 10, 2012      0 comments

9. How old are you and do you think your thoughts about weight loss, fitness, and wellness have changed over time? 10. Why are you working towards the goal you talked about on Day 1? Particular health goal? Size goal? Activity goal? Vanity go... Read more
30 Day Blog Challenge Days 7 & 8
Saturday, September 08, 2012      0 comments

7. How do you measure progress towards or maintenance? Scale weight? Body fat percentage? How your clothes fit? Other? 8. What do you think will be different when you reach your goal weight? If you are in maintenance, what did you think would... Read more
30 Day Blog Challenge Day 6
Thursday, September 06, 2012      2 comments

6. What has been most challenging about maintaining a weight loss (now or in the past)? My most challenging moments in maintaining a weight loss (I regained 20 pounds in the past 18 months) has been assimilating life changes (I changed coa... Read more
30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      0 comments

5. What is your weight history like? How old where you when you first 'went on a diet'? Have you lost and regained? How is this time different from others? My weight history has been up and down, mostly up. I spent most of my adult life 30... Read more

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