Feel like I have no time to exercise
Saturday, November 01, 2008      3 comments

Ok Here is my delima. I feel like I have no time to exercise. I am open to all suggestions. I wake at 5:00 in the mornings. By the time I get myself ready for work it is time to wake the kids. When they get on the bus, usually we are ru... Read more
JDRF walk
Sunday, October 19, 2008      2 comments

Yesterday was the Juvenile Diabetes walk. We walked a total of 2 miles. It was staked off for 3 miles, but we could not do the last mile. My cousin that is 6 months pregnant was with us and her belly started hurting so we turned around. Did ... Read more
glucose numbers
Tuesday, October 14, 2008      2 comments

I forgot I was going to post my glucose numbers after going in for a glucose resistance test the other day. beginning 110 30 minutes later 175 1 hour later 207 2 hours later 173 These numbers are really high. So I figure that... Read more
At the Drs. office
Wednesday, October 08, 2008      3 comments

OK I went to the dr today becasue I have been having some weird episodes with headaches/feeling faint. They start off with feeling dizzy, then I get cold and then I get a headache for a day or two. These episodes usually happen about 30 minues... Read more
Can't believe I did that
Saturday, June 09, 2007      2 comments

Today the kids wanted me to make them a Carmel Cake. So I did. IT there all day and I managed to ignore it. But not until after supper. And I just had to have a peice. Oh well, maybe it is out of my system and I won't get anymore. ... Read more