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I can't believe it's almost August!
Tuesday, July 30, 2019      2 comments

I kept thinking I had just blogged like a week ago and its been over a month! Wow! I'm so sorry I missed it for so long. I think I even wrote a few times that never got posted from interruptions. Anyway! ... Read more
Officially "In Training" again!
Friday, June 21, 2019      3 comments

Happy Friday! Today is my off Friday (we work 80 hours in 9 business days so we get every other Friday off). I am so stressed though. I lead a project and my team is very new. We started our first big test this week and they are testing alon... Read more
New Running Journal!
Tuesday, June 18, 2019      4 comments

I ordered a July-December May Designs planner as my new running log and I love it! Besides, has anyone else noticed that July 1st is a Monday?... Read more
Puttering Along on One Good Knee
Sunday, June 16, 2019      4 comments

Happy Father's Day! I am currently supposed to be doing my knee exercises but I am procrastinating :) Anyway! Quick week recap. ... Read more
Busy Worker Bee
Friday, June 14, 2019      3 comments

Woah its been like a month and a half since I last blogged! That's crazy! I started some blogs since then but kept getting busy and not finishing them :( Well, let's update. ... Read more
May 2019 Goals
Thursday, May 02, 2019      5 comments

Woah! A goals blog! Well, its all because a Spark Friend asked me so I must do it... Goal 1 is for her! ... Read more
Mun Hen 8K 2019
Tuesday, April 30, 2019      3 comments

Yet another race! At least these recaps keep me blogging? I need a better routine to update you all more. Let's get into this. This weekend was the annual Mud Hen Half Marathon weekend. It used to be Wildwood and I was really upset when... Read more
Atlantic City April Fool's 7K & Half Marathon
Wednesday, April 24, 2019      5 comments

I am really getting bad at this blogging thing! I am super busy with work lately. We work longer hours now so that we can have off every other Friday (yay!) but that means I am more tired and busy so things fall off the list. Blogging here se... Read more
Philadelphia Hot Chocolate 15K 2019
Tuesday, April 09, 2019      1 comments

Two posts in a row! I just wrote about my experience at the Philly Love Run just a few minutes ago so check it out :) Anyway! This past weekend was the Philly Hot Chocolate 15K. This was my 3rd year doing this race and its always so fun.... Read more
Philadelphia Love Run 2019
Tuesday, April 09, 2019      3 comments

This blog is a little late. I wrote it and accidentally closed the page. Whoops! So let's try this recap again. The most important bit - my Spark Friend Esther came to run this race with me!! How awesome is that! She has a blog and you ... Read more
New York City Half Marathon 2019
Tuesday, March 19, 2019      11 comments

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend was the NYC Half Marathon! I took a 4 day weekend for it, since I was "traveling" (NY is only 2 hours from my house but traffic and stuff). I drove up Saturday late morning. I got lunch and then my friend and... Read more
Race Pace and Habits
Wednesday, March 13, 2019      5 comments

Happy Hump Day! Things are still crazy at work but the end is in sight. Of course, there's always more to do and it is never ending but I hope it can at least slow down a little. On the bright side, I have off this Friday and Monday.... Read more
A Month of Missing You! (Update)
Tuesday, March 05, 2019      3 comments

Hay ya'll!! Wow, I haven't blogged in almost a month! Work has been crazy. I've been working long days, often doing more work when I get home even. That should stop now, as the thing causing it is over now. I am still crazy busy when I'm th... Read more
Mini Update, just keep trying
Wednesday, February 06, 2019      3 comments

Good morning! Not so much going on hence the lack of blogging. I am always trying to do things. Trying to exercise more regularly. Trying to eat better. Trying to drink more water. Better than nothing! Let's recap: ... Read more
Tracking, Tidying, and Sleep
Thursday, January 24, 2019      6 comments

Hey ya'll! So much for blogging daily. Doing it when I remember at least! First, health recap. emoticon I... Read more

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