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If only weight went away as fast as time.
Monday, May 01, 2017      2 comments

Well, I have not been sticking to a healthy diet. Have just recently started excersize and walking again. Ate a lot better today. Snacked so lot less. Walked Sunday and Friday for an hour each. ... Read more
Mind over eyes n belly.
Monday, September 12, 2016      4 comments

Do this. Instead of snacking, eating around. Please add comments. 1. Word puzzles, sudoku 2. Coloring 3. Walk 4 clean. 5 go through shoes 6 clean book shelf 7 shower 8 lay out next outfit to wear out 9 breathing exercises 10, stretch 11 try n... Read more
Summer starts 2016!
Monday, June 13, 2016      2 comments

Yay! Need I say more. Lol. Love sunshine, can ya guess? Kids outside! TV off, I wonder if Doretha Benton Frank has out a new book for me to read in the sun! ?... Read more
Daily goal.
Tuesday, May 17, 2016      8 comments

Planing for tomorrow, Morning stretches Breakfast, Pictures!
,! Kids outside, Work, Healthy lunch Mailbox Need stamps Plan healthy supper Work more Keep up the water! Start small or jump in head first? Morning excersize Healthy lunch ... Read more
Healthier snack
Tuesday, May 17, 2016      5 comments

Ok, so we got to snack and peanut butter is great for protein so, instead of the whole package of fun size milky way, I heat up peanut butter, honey, brown sugar and then I pour it in a pan and stir in oatmeal, rice cereal, and other cereal. Mix... Read more
First log in.
Tuesday, May 17, 2016      4 comments

Loved the encouragement I got from this site last time. I can not wait to get excited about a healthy eating lifestyle again. No more kid food for me. Salad, water, fresh,fresh, fruit and veggs. Need more sleep big time. Glad it is getting nice... Read more