Exercise, too much of a good thing?
Tuesday, July 10, 2018      0 comments

I do love exercising. And I can get carried away. If 45 minutes of running is good 65 would be even better, and then add exercise bike for 30 or even 60. It's not high impact, so it will be fine. Those are thoughts that go through my head as I p... Read more
Plateau Busting Blog challenge
Friday, April 06, 2018      0 comments

So here I go. This is only the 2 nd blog I have written. This one is about exercise. I love to exercise. Really I do. I exercise most days. I do have days I don't really want to. Today is because it is cold and wet. But I went for a walk because... Read more
Am I Doing too Much Exercise?
Monday, September 14, 2015      0 comments

So I am posting my exercise schedule because of plateau busting challenge. My work out schedule goes something like this. Monday Curves workout 34 min, stationary bike 45 min-60min. Tuesday lead Jillian Michael's curves work out level 2, my cur... Read more