Nutrition & Blood Sugar Log - Mon., 9/10/2012
Monday, September 10, 2012      3 comments

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 FBS 105 BEFORE GYM Arnold Specialty Stone Ground - 100% Whole Wheat Bread, 1 slices Country Crock, Shedd's Spread Country Crock Light (Soft), 1 Tbsp Olde Style Unsalted 100% Natural Peanut Butter, 1 t... Read more
Training Session #1 - Mon, 9/10/2012
Monday, September 10, 2012      5 comments

I met with my trainer for the first time today from 5-6 p.m. We started by finding my resting heart rate, but she asked that I try it again tomorrow morning before getting out of bed. I think it's normally around 60 and she measured 72 today but... Read more
Exercise Blog - Mon., 9/10/2012 (AM)
Monday, September 10, 2012      5 comments

6:00 am 5 mins warm up 30 mins elliptical trainer (intervals) 10 mins recumbent bike (intervals) 5 mins cool down stretching on Precor Stretch Trainer Avg HR 84% Max HR 91% 40:35 299 calories I'll be having my physical ... Read more
Exercise Blog - Thurs., 9/6/2012
Thursday, September 06, 2012      5 comments

6:00 am 6 mins warm up / treadmill 10 mins stationery bike 20 mins elliptical (intervals, level 2) Avg HR 82% Max HR 91% 257 cal burned (according to HR monitor) 5 mins cool down / treadmill ... Read more
Nutrition Blog - Wed., 9/5/2012
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      6 comments

BEFORE GYM: ~~~~~~~~~~ 6:07 am / FBS 107 (fasting blood sugar) 8oz 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soy Milk 57g Wegman's Ancient Grain Bread w/Cranberries 1 T. Country Crock Light ~30 minutes of cardio (plus proper warm up, cool do... Read more
Exercise Blog - Wed., 9/5/2012
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      4 comments

6:30 am: 5 mins warm up on treadmill 30 minutes on the Elliptical Trainer Avg HR 84% Max HR 88% 221 cal burned (according to HR monitor) 5 mins cool down on recumbent bike Ended with complete body stretching using Preco... Read more
Labor Day Catch Up Blog
Monday, September 03, 2012      4 comments

Yesterday was BUSY! Went to early church with my mom, followed by breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I love going there because they're very accommodating with special requests and they don't charge extras for healthier options (like egg beaters, turk... Read more
NO Excuse Zone
Friday, August 31, 2012      7 comments

I missed the gym yesterday morning. I just couldn't get up. I woke up around 1:30 am and then couldn't get back to sleep until after 4. It bothered me -- not because I don't think it's okay to skip a day here and there -- but because I had skipp... Read more
Tuesday, August 28, 2012      14 comments

Yesterday I received an email at work, notifying me that I had been selected to participate in a 10-week personal training program. One of the majors offered at the college where I work is Physical Fitness Specialist and as part of the students'... Read more
What keeps me going...
Friday, August 24, 2012      8 comments

SparkGuy's program video in SparkCoach was spot on today! The topic was motivation beyond the scale and the action step is to blog or journal about changes in your body. I've made many of these observations along the way, but I think it's import... Read more
Another super crazy day...but all is well!
Wednesday, August 22, 2012      2 comments

Back to the gym this morning at 6:15 am for 30 minutes of cardio (whoa baby, my core and legs are feeling it). I guess that's one way to know you're increasing intensity!! Worked from 8-12:30, gassed up the Honda, picked up my sweet little ... Read more
It's been a long day ... but I am thankful.
Tuesday, August 21, 2012      7 comments

I got up at 5:15 am, was on the elliptical at 6 am--20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training, then back home. I took a personal day to drive my 82-year-old mom and her 11-year-old dog, Katie, back to the Emergency Vet Referral Ho... Read more
You guessed it ... veggies for dinner!
Sunday, August 19, 2012      4 comments

Just whipped up a veggie stir fry for dinner to serve over Dreamfields Penne! I definitely got my 5-9 servings in today!!!!! And the best part, I have leftovers for l... Read more
Veggies for Lunch!
Sunday, August 19, 2012      5 comments

Got a 30 minute walk in with Aldo this morning over by the Little League World Series (there's a nice park at the foot of the hill). We saw the teams from Mexico and Japan practicing. Romaine Lettuce (salad), 3 cup Red Ripe Tomatoes, 0.... Read more
Veggies for Breakfast!
Sunday, August 19, 2012      5 comments

Today's SparkCoach program talked about the importance of getting 5-9 servings of fresh fruit & vegetables into our daily plan. I'm a veggie lover, but admittedly, some days I do fall short of the upper end of the goal. I chased this breakfast ... Read more

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