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'Why Bother' And Other Negative Thoughts
Tuesday, March 13, 2012      2 comments

This morning I knew it was just going to be one of those days. Regardless of rest between workouts, adequate rest last night (though admittedly not the best), and my first workout of the week, this morning I felt like I wasn't myself. I am norma... Read more
8 Ways to Avoid Ruining Your Chances at Success
Monday, March 05, 2012      1 comments

Historically, I've been quite the yo-yo dieter, often within the time frame of a month, week, or even day. Maybe I would eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but once dinner came, I threw my hands up and ate that extra large value meal. Or, I migh... Read more
My Reward System
Thursday, March 01, 2012      5 comments

I've created a token reward system for reaching my nutrition, fitness, and fast break goals. I decided against rewarding incremental weight loss goals (e.g., 5 lbs, 10 lbs, etc.) because those tend to take me longer (especially with a total goal... Read more
Friday, February 17, 2012      3 comments

This is my first blog post on Spark and I've been on Spark for about a month and a half now. I've been trying to use as many Spark tools as I can so I can have more chance of success to reach my goals. One of the tools as my disposal, is to blog... Read more