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Well, I made myself gain weight.
Wednesday, September 05, 2012      3 comments

OK, don't worry. Not literally. But I have finally, finally, FINALLY had enough of the drama with my home scale. If you haven't seen my older posts complaining about it, the short of it is that my old house has uneven floors and there is nowhere... Read more
Binge Eating: a Confession & a Plan
Friday, August 31, 2012      3 comments

I wasn't in denial about having this problem, I just thought I had conquered it. It had been a long time since I had done it to any appreciable degree, so I assumed I finally had taken control. Until last night. OK, so it wasn't as bad... Read more
Exercise Blitz
Monday, August 27, 2012      3 comments

I have to make this brief because I have tons of work to do, BUT I just wanted to share something I tried today. I tried an exercise blitz, and it was AMAZING. If you haven't tried it, I really recommend it. I had to go pick something up in... Read more
BLC #15 Reflection & Pledge
Saturday, August 25, 2012      5 comments

Well, I did it. This is the first BLC challenge I've finished, and I lost a total of 13.1 lbs over these 8 weeks. Considering everything going on during this challenge - traveling for business, depression, starting a new medication - I'll take t... Read more
What I'm Proud of - August 21st
Tuesday, August 21, 2012      5 comments

It's been too, too long since I listed the things I'm proud of, so it is high tide I do it. Today, I am proud that I... ...survived a bad day. I didn't cry, indulge in the lemon pound cake a colleague baked, stuff my face with baked go... Read more
The difference one day can make
Sunday, August 19, 2012      6 comments

I admit it. I had grown discouraged and desperate. I was eating merely "okay" -staying within my calories, but succumbing to things that weren't always the greatest yet still making good choices on the average. I had quit exercising. I felt I di... Read more
Man, where'd my gusto go? Plus What I'm Proud Of, 25 July 2012:
Thursday, July 26, 2012      6 comments

**Warning, griping below!** I'm just... tired this week. And kind of blue. Not sure what's in flux, but it set in a couple of days after starting a new medication that's causing tons of tummy trouble. Every morning has been absolutely miser... Read more
Week 3 Weekly Update Blog (WUB)
Saturday, July 21, 2012      5 comments

Overall, this was a pretty good week. I lost 3.5 lbs, and exercised 6 out of 7 days. This means that I will not meet my 17-day streak, though. BUT... I won't get mad, I'll just get even. ;) Because I missed exercise Thursday night, I'm stepping ... Read more
Turning Myth Into Reality: How I Will Earn My False Awards
Thursday, July 19, 2012      6 comments

Around 11pm last night (midnight EST), there must have been a computer hiccup because Spark mistakenly awarded me several thousand fitness minutes. However, within 30 minutes it was fixed. It happened just a few minutes after I entered my fitnes... Read more
What I'm Proud of - July 15th
Monday, July 16, 2012      0 comments

It's been too, too long since I posted one of these (over a month!). I'm tired, so I'll keep it short, but I am proud that... ...I went to the gym today and worked my butt off on the elliptical for 28 mins with an average heart rate of 168 ... Read more
Monthly Goal - July (BLC #15)
Saturday, July 14, 2012      1 comments

So, I'm a little late in doing this, but with two weeks left in July it just means I'll set a two-week goal. And the perfect goal is the one I wrote about just last night! For my goal, I want to find a way to do SOME activity every... singl... Read more
My Fitness Goals
Friday, July 13, 2012      0 comments

Ideally, I would like to work out every day. But, the problem with idealism is that it gets in the way of tangible goals. So, I'm going to stop being idealistic and start being pragmatic. Instead, I want to do something EVERY day. Although ... Read more
What I'm Proud of - June 13th
Thursday, June 14, 2012      1 comments

I'm proud that I... ...went 66 minutes on the elliptical at the gym!! That's the longest time yet, and I also worked out the HARDEST yet! Even better, when I got off the machine I actually wasn't so tired I could have kept going if I had mo... Read more
Rewarding even the small successes
Monday, June 11, 2012      1 comments

I've lost 10 pounds. This isn't anything new... I've been losing this same 10 pounds over and over the past two years. I've lost four inches from both my waist and hips, too - which suggests that I've lost more than 10 pounds of fat and likely g... Read more
What I'm Proud of - June 7th
Thursday, June 07, 2012      1 comments

I'm proud that I... ...managed to eat more calories today. Thus starts my first calorie cycle! I had three days sub-1400 calories, and now a day at 1900. That's about 500 less than my calculated BMR. It may still be on the low side, but I'm... Read more

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