Saving on Groceries
Friday, April 17, 2009      0 comments

I have found that keeping the freezer full of small freezer bags and containers of meats, vegetables bought in large size bags as well as freezing left-overs helps me take advantage of good sales, seasonal fresh foods, and it cuts down on the am... Read more
Finally Friday
Friday, April 03, 2009      0 comments

I have totaled my reports for the week and am down on several things, but since I had surgery on Tuesday and there was a slight problem with my heart I still feel I did fairly well. I have lost a total of 10 lbs in the past month and am really p... Read more
One handed strength training
Friday, March 27, 2009      0 comments

Tuesday I am having surgery on my left wrist, nothing major, but it will be a challenge to keep up with my strength training. I am thinking about taping the band to my left forearm and seeig how that works. Dr. says two weeks til stitches come o... Read more
Wednesday, March 25, 2009      0 comments

I took two of the quizzes today, cellulite and weight loss truths and myths. Can't say I did very well on either of them, but I certainly learned a bunch of good facts that I can easily apply to my own program. I sincerely hope everyone out ther... Read more
Two things
Tuesday, March 24, 2009      0 comments

I read two things I want to comment on. First, cuddoes to the person who wrote in about the benefits of "coconut water" It really is great and easily obtainable. Try Health Food markets. So much better than "Gatorade" in my humble opinion. Sec... Read more
Weight loss scam
Monday, March 23, 2009      0 comments

I just read the article on Weight loss scams and I agree there is really only one miraculous weight loss secret. It does have several ingredients, and they are all listed in the article. COMMON SENSE FOR WEIGHT LOSS honest expectations de... Read more
Fall from Grace
Sunday, March 22, 2009      0 comments

I read todays Spark notices and I find I am in complete agreement with the lady who sent in "Trigger's" On Friday I went to the store, walked the candy and cookie aisles and DID NOT BUY ANYTHING! Yesterday my hubby and I went to the lake f... Read more
Friday, March 20, 2009      0 comments

Hey does anyone else live in Edmond OK. I am looking to see if there is anyone close by to talk to and discuss the Spark World with. I also would like to attend any "live" meetings such as the conference scheduled in California. I can't go to th... Read more
St Patricks Day
Tuesday, March 17, 2009      0 comments

Greetings and Salutations to all our good Irish (and non-irish) Friends. Wear your green, cook your favorite Irish foods, and spread as much balarny as possible. May the winds be at your back and your path be easy.... Read more
interesting reading
Monday, March 16, 2009      1 comments

I get on this site and start reading articles, blogs, quizes, e-mail, and watching videos and looking at recipes and the next thing I know more than a couple of hours have passed. I did not realize there were so many interesting friendly and mo... Read more