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It took me 3 whole days
Thursday, April 19, 2018      3 comments

...but I did it! I got back under 200 pounds for THE LAST TIME. 199.8 today, after starting at a high of 204.4 on Monday, three days ago. Before I had my babies my highest weight ever was in the low 180s (but I could comfortably maintain in th... Read more
Start of day 2
Tuesday, April 17, 2018      1 comments

Hi! Yesterday I lost weight throughout the day and I’m down some more today so I’m all I have gone from 204.4 to 201.2 so far. I noticed some things on my nutrition report, like my cholesterol was really high yesterday, so today I only had two e... Read more
Another Beginning
Sunday, April 15, 2018      2 comments

I am BACK! I thought about trying other weight loss apps, but I started rereading my first blog entries from 2006 and 2007 on this site and I got so nostalgic for SparkPeople! I am on my laptop now, which I rarely use these days, but I think it'... Read more
Post vacation
Monday, September 19, 2016      4 comments

Still not much time to blog, but I wanted to check in to reflect on my vacation goal. A few posts ago I said I wanted to lose 20 pounds before my vacatio... Read more
Two Weeks Done
Monday, August 22, 2016      4 comments

I have finished my first two weeks of Dukan (second time around) and so far I've lost about 8 pounds. About 6 the first week and 2 the second. Looking fo... Read more
Day 4
Thursday, August 11, 2016      8 comments

I'm on day 4 of my 5-day "attack diet" (from the Dukan plan). I was down 6 lbs in 2 days (!) but today my weight went up a little. Fluid retention or wha... Read more
I'm Back!
Monday, August 08, 2016      8 comments

I've been wanting to post a blog for a while now but I couldn't figure out how to from my phone (and who has time to get on a computer?!) until I finally... Read more
All of summer stretched out before us...
Monday, June 22, 2015      8 comments

Ahh, what a wonderful thought! Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I am not working this summer! (I used to always teach summer school.) This summer is wide open for me to spend quality time with my family and work on whatever I want! I'd... Read more
Progress Update
Thursday, May 21, 2015      6 comments

Hi! I have been following the Dukan diet now for almost four months (I started January 26) and I am down 30 pounds! That's enough that plenty of people are noticing and commenting, and I have been responding with, "Thank you! I'm really pleased ... Read more
Almost three months
Friday, April 17, 2015      6 comments

I've been doing Dukan since January 26, so almost three months, and I'm now down 24 pounds. The weight is coming off more slowly now, and my weight loss graph has a lot of little zig zags, but the overall trend is still down. I have a lot of mot... Read more
Still Dukan-ing
Thursday, March 19, 2015      8 comments

Just wanted to quickly update and say I'm still at it with the Dukan diet...still in the "Cruise" phase and will be for a long time, until I reach my goal weight. It's still pretty easy to follow, as long as I'm always prepared in advance with f... Read more
First month of Dukan - DONE!
Friday, February 27, 2015      7 comments

I have been following the Dukan Diet now for a month and I'm down 13 pounds so far, with almost 40 (36.6) pounds to go. That sounds like a lot when I put it that way... maybe I will decide I'm done sooner, I don't know. I'm a little hung up on w... Read more
It basically doesn't stop snowing here.
Friday, February 13, 2015      8 comments

This picture was taken on my driveway today. There are walls of snow almost as tall as I am on either side. And 12-18 inches are predicted for tomorrow night into Sunday!... Read more
Got my snow day...
Monday, February 02, 2015      6 comments

My husband didn't know that we public school types have to make up all snow days at the end of the year. Today is my third snow day in less than two weeks - will we be in ... Read more
Welcome to February
Sunday, February 01, 2015      5 comments

I was down another .6 pounds today, to 189.6. Buh-BYE, 190s! Yesterday was my first protein + vegetables day. I added spinach to my Dukan oat bran galette (a weird pancake that I actually have been making with wheat germ) and had a grilled ... Read more

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