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Hitting Rock Bottom
Sunday, November 01, 2015      13 comments

So, it's just about midnight on Halloween 2015, and I'm probably at my lowest point in years. I've gained back all the weight I was so proud to have lost a few years ago, and the lump of stress in my throat is just about choking me. No, surpri... Read more
My SUPER Food Excuse!
Sunday, May 25, 2014      3 comments

If you've been following my blog, you know that I took up running a couple of months ago and am LOVING it! ... Read more
Everything Happens for a Reason - Disney Half Marathon
Saturday, April 26, 2014      1 comments

Recently, my cousin told me that she firmly believed that everything in life happens for a reason. I thought that was an interesting outlook (and one that can definitely help you through life's ups and downs), but didn't really think of it much... Read more
"Fernando is faster than you" - My Lightbulb Moment
Tuesday, April 15, 2014      2 comments

I've been asked a lot, lately, why I recently decided to start running at 51 years of age. (Most of my friends are supportive - although I know one or two think I'm completely insane.) To be honest, I wasn't entirely sure. I played around wit... Read more
Thursday, April 10, 2014      1 comments

Today is a special day! After 3.5 months of daily walking (and, recently, running), I have completed my virtual walk from Heathrow Airport to my Auntie's house in Wales with a stop off at my cousin's in Liverpool - a total of 249 miles! It's b... Read more
Day/Dydd 105 - Including Virtual Walk
Monday, April 07, 2014      1 comments

It was a good week as far as exercise this past week. From Sunday to Saturday (yes, I'm a day late with my blog, but it's been SO busy) I managed 22.04 miles. That brings me right into my old back yard as far as my virtual walking tour. ... Read more
Day/Dydd 97 - Including Virtual Walk
Sunday, March 30, 2014      1 comments

Overall, I'm pleased with this week. I did 14.5 miles, which is not huge compared with some previous weeks; but it was a very intense 14.5 miles. Rather than just putting on the steps/miles walking and doing the same exercise as I've been doin... Read more
Day/Dydd 90 - Including Virtual Walk
Sunday, March 23, 2014      1 comments

Well, I've had a lovely, active week this week. I ran with my running clinic on Monday, Wednesday, and this morning (although I hope I get credit for that run, as my FitBit battery was VERY low when I set it to recharge just now). I've b... Read more
Day/Dydd 85
Tuesday, March 18, 2014      1 comments

LOL! No sooner do I decide only to blog once a week, when I've got something exciting to blog about every day! I had my first running clinic last night, and I ROCKED it! I was more excited than nervous; but when I got there and saw how la... Read more
Day/Dydd 84 - A DOUBLE Milestone Day!
Monday, March 17, 2014      1 comments

Milestone #1: YAY, me! It took me 2.5 months, but I've made it to my first goal on my virtual walking tour! I have walked from Heathrow airport to my cousin's house in Liverpool. ... Read more
Days/Dyddiau 81- 83 - Including Virtual Walk
Sunday, March 16, 2014      1 comments

Well, last week was fairly poor on the exercise and nutrition fronts. WAY too much work at the moment for exercise, and DS's birthday celebrations on Friday/Saturday definitely threw a spanner in the works as far as eating. All that is going t... Read more
Day/Dydd 80
Thursday, March 13, 2014      3 comments

Yesterday's Progress: Calories: 2,150 (OVER range) Calories Burned: 1,976 Steps: 6,161 Distance: 2.74 miles Starting to get back in the groove - although not there yet. Yesterday, I was a little more active than I have been l... Read more
Days/Dyddiau 77 - 79 - Starting Race Training
Wednesday, March 12, 2014      0 comments

Well, the truth of the matter is that I haven't been tracking ANYTHING since the weekend. There was really no point. I knew that I got virtually NO exercise since I've spent every waking minute at my desk; and I knew that my eating habits had ... Read more
Days/Dyddiau 70 - 76 - Including Virtual Walking Tour
Sunday, March 09, 2014      2 comments

WOW! What an intense week! I can't remember the last time I worked so long and hard! Unfortunately, that included working all day both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I had meant to take Sunday off, but we found a bug in our code Saturday ... Read more
Days/Dyddiau 67 - 69 - Virtual Walk, St. David's Day, and Sandra Bullock
Sunday, March 02, 2014      1 comments

This Week's Progress: Calories: Did not track over the past two days Calories Burned: 12,919 (average of 1846 per day) Steps: 28,075 (average of 4,011 per day) Distance: 12.44 miles (average of 1.78 per day) Thank heaven for F... Read more

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