WW - The First Month
Tuesday, September 17, 2013      2 comments

So, I started Weight Watchers last month and I am happy so far. I said that if I did not think it was going to be worth the $$$ I would cancel after the first month. I am not cancelling yet. My first weigh in was a shock because it did no... Read more
PiYo & Weight Watchers 8/21/13
Wednesday, August 21, 2013      0 comments

So I went to a PiYo class last night. This is an hour long class in which we did a combination of pilates and yoga. I thought about it, and it has been over a year since I last went to any type of fitness class; and I could really tell. Wow, ... Read more
Update - Tuesday 7/23/13
Tuesday, July 23, 2013      0 comments

It has been hot and rainy here in lil ole Cecil County this summer. All that warm weather and rain has combined to turn my lovely garden into an overgrown jungle. I need a guide with a machete just to find my plants in all of the weeds and vin... Read more
Gardening - Thurday 6/27/13
Thursday, June 27, 2013      1 comments

I got home last night and spent a little bit of time in my garden. It seems funny to me that just a month ago it was a plot of dirt with a few little seedlings popping up here and there. Now it looks like a small forest. I enjoy kicking off m... Read more
Tuesday 6/25/13
Tuesday, June 25, 2013      0 comments

I have not posted anything since 10/6/11. I can honestly say there have been a lot of changes, and a lot that has stayed the same. Change: I now have my B.S. in Psychology The Same: I am still a college student (M.S.E or Masters of Spe... Read more
Thursday evening
Thursday, October 06, 2011      1 comments

Okay, it is 4:26 on Thursday evening. I just entered my food into my tracker, including my plans for dinner. I am at 2100 calories. My goal is 1350-1700, still I am not at all disappointed because this is the first time this week I've stayed ... Read more
Starting Over is Hard To Do
Wednesday, October 05, 2011      1 comments

So, I got up this morning and took Izzie for a walk. Then I got ready for work and made myself one of the breakfast sandwiches I used to eat when I was on track and losing weight before. One egg, two slices of ham and about 1/2 an ounce of low... Read more
Tuesday Afternoon
Tuesday, October 04, 2011      1 comments

I turned on my Wii this morning, put in my Wii Fit disc and prepared to do a Body Test. The batteries in my remote were low, so I switched them with the rechargables from my camera. Then I got the message that the batteries in my balance board ... Read more
My new puppy
Monday, September 12, 2011      3 comments

I've been off the site for a while now, and off of my healthier kick too. As of the last time I was at the doctors (last week) I am up to 205 pounds. So much for doing whatever it took to stay under the 200 pound mark. I'm eating a lot of sug... Read more
Do I have an eating disorder? Of course not! Well...maybe.
Thursday, February 24, 2011      1 comments

I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and my bloodwork showed an elevated liver panel. I have been dealing with this for a few years now and my doctor is always worried that I have liver disease. This time he sent me to the specialist who said ... Read more
Shapers shoes
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      1 comments

For Christmas my mother in law gave me a pair of Sketchers Shapers. They are really cute shoes and I have been wearing them quite often, but I did not expect to get any actual benefit from them. I just didtn't think that they would actually ma... Read more
Polar Bear Plunge
Tuesday, February 08, 2011      2 comments

I mentioned in my last blog that I was participating in the 20th annual Lewes DE Polar Bear Plunge on Superbowl Sunday. The plunge was a great success. They had the largest turn out and raised the most funds in their 20 year history this year.... Read more
Special Olympics
Friday, January 21, 2011      1 comments

I am going to be doing the Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics on Sunday February 6, 2011. I would like to ask those interested to support the cause by going to
-lewe... Read more
Monday, November 08, 2010      1 comments

October 30th I started feeling yucky. I had a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Halloween found me wrapped up in my robe on the couch all day coughing, sneezing and generally having a lot of trouble breathing. I got up Monday the 1st and went to... Read more
Size isn't everything
Wednesday, October 27, 2010      3 comments

In Spring 2009 I was clothes shopping when I found a cute pair of capris that I really wanted. The largest size they had was a 14 and I was barely squeezing into my 16's but it was a great sale and I thought sure it would give me some incentive... Read more

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