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Another Milestone – 300 days on Spark
Friday, February 04, 2011      0 comments

(I’m posting this 2 days before my official 300-day milestone. Better to blog when one has the time than not at all!) So here I am at my THIRD 100 days, only 65 more days (about 2 months) to go before it will have been a full year since I j... Read more
Halfway out of the dark, or Days are getting lighter and so am I!
Friday, January 07, 2011      0 comments

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! For me, December was a little crazy but I managed to keep up with tracking food and exercise. My excess Christmas calories for the week (using the calorie difference report) totalled 1001. I was actually ... Read more
Sold on Spark-ing
Tuesday, December 14, 2010      2 comments

I just can’t say enough good things about the Spark Trackers and Reports. The nutrition tracker has opened my eyes to portion sizes and hidden calories. The fitness tracker has made me aware of just how little I burn, even though feel like I’m p... Read more
November in Neutral
Friday, December 03, 2010      0 comments

November is one of those gruesome months. It’s dark, the beautiful autumn leaves are gone by then, and it tends to be rainy and cold. But not cold enough for snow. It’s a month that feels like nature is idling away in neutral, waiting for the tr... Read more
My Second 100 Days on Spark
Friday, October 29, 2010      3 comments

Another 100 days on Spark has come and gone. I was traveling, and very busy, and missed the actual date (Oct. 24th). But I am here now, ready to blog again about this journey, its challenges and its rewards. Cutting to the chase, I am gett... Read more
The Small Success of Sizing Up the Downsizing
Friday, October 15, 2010      0 comments

Way back in May, after only a month of ‘dieting’, I blogged about going through my own closet and sorting the range of smaller-sized items that I was hoping to fit into. At that time, I was able to put on only the largest and roomiest pants in m... Read more
Six-Month Spark Anniversary
Saturday, October 09, 2010      2 comments

Today's blog entry comes on the date that marks six months on Spark. Two months ago, I blogged about what had worked and not worked and I tried to set some short-term goals. I have done OK on some of those short-term goals: Goal Status ... Read more
Food vs Exercise: An Experiment with Calorie Differential
Saturday, October 09, 2010      0 comments

A month ago, I blogged about how exercise was making me so hungry that I was overeating consistently. I was *supposed* to be losing weight anyways because of the intense exercising I was doing. Alas, no, my weight loss had come to a complete and... Read more
The Problem With Exercise...
Thursday, September 09, 2010      5 comments

The problem with exercise is that it makes me sooooo hungry! Ever since June, when the weather turned nice and I started exercising more, it has been extremely difficult to stay inside my calorie goals. And probably because of that, my weight lo... Read more
Four Month Anniversary (Apr 9 - Aug 9)
Monday, August 09, 2010      4 comments

Any excuse is good since I am desperately trying to stay motivated with this weight-loss project. Today's blog entry comes on the date that marks four months on Spark. It is as good a moment as any to try to see what has worked and not worked, w... Read more
Got a New Trophy
Thursday, July 29, 2010      0 comments

Yesterday I got a new trophy for reaching 5000 points. I am going to call this my perseverance trophy since it comes a week or so after my 100-day streak of being on Spark and tracking diligently.... Read more
Myth-Busting the Summer Slimdown
Monday, July 26, 2010      0 comments

If you live in a 4-season climate, most people will tell you that they gain weight in winter and lose in summer. They will probably say that they are simply more active in summer, in better shape and eat lighter foods. Well, not everyone ge... Read more
100 Days on SparkPeople
Friday, July 16, 2010      0 comments

When I chose 100 days as a milestone in my Spark journey, part of me wasn't even sure if I would stick with it that long! But here I am, 100 days later, and ready to look back on the whys and hows of the past 3+ months. Getting right to the... Read more
10 lbs in June - failed challenge
Thursday, July 01, 2010      1 comments

I should have lost over 3 lbs, based on my nutrition and calories burned, but lost only 2. I don't even trust I really lost that, because I had been quite bloated, and suddenly dropped 2 lbs in the past week, so it is likely only water weight. M... Read more
Spark group challenge - 10 pounds in June
Monday, June 07, 2010      0 comments

This is going to be very, very difficult - a 1.2kg loss per week! If I get half of that, I will be happy. Start Weight 6/01: 66.7 kg / 147.0 lbs Goal Weight 6/08: 65.5 kg / 144.5 lbs -- ACTUAL: 65.7 kg / 145 lbs Goal Weight 6/15: 64.... Read more

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