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how the heck does motivation work, anyway?
Tuesday, January 08, 2008      3 comments

So here I go again... I've been studying psychology for years, and yet the fundamentals still tend to stump me when they concern my own self. Like motivation. It's amazing how much my willpower can wax and wane, seemingly independent of... Read more
a little too positive?
Friday, November 30, 2007      2 comments

So I was at the gym tonight, trying to program my treadmill. The first time I tried I did it wrong, and had to cancel the program almost immediately after the belt had begun moving. So then the machine displays my stats--I'd gone 0.0 miles, an... Read more
success is a choice...right?
Thursday, November 15, 2007      3 comments

So I'm in psychology. In a year or so, if the dissertation gods smile down at me, I will have a Ph.D. Which means I should know a lot--about psychology, anyway. And I guess I do. I know how to teach dogs to drool when a bell rings. I feel l... Read more
but Mom! All the other kids are doing it!
Saturday, November 10, 2007      4 comments

Yesterday was about the most frustrating lunchtime experience I can remember in a long time. On Fridays I always eat with the group of girls I work with--it's the only day we really have time to go out to eat together. So yesterday one girl su... Read more
halfway to... where, exactly?
Thursday, November 08, 2007      0 comments

So today is a good day. I got on the scale and I've hit 145 lbs--just past the halfway point to my goal. Such a good feeling! It feels like it's been too easy so far; I keep wondering when the challenges will come. Today also makes a m... Read more
changing my identity
Tuesday, November 06, 2007      2 comments

I was always a fat girl. Maybe not in reality, but in my head. In elementary school I was tall and strong, and bore no resemblance to my ballet-dancing, gymastics-twirling little classmates. Once I hit middle school I began gaining weight, an... Read more
new milestones
Monday, October 29, 2007      1 comments

Binge eating has been a problem for me as long as I can remember. I have memories of sneaking food from the kitchen as a middle-schooler. I'm not sure what the draw was, whether it was the food itself, the excitement of sneaking it, or what it... Read more
Two weeks in, and only one way out
Tuesday, June 26, 2007      1 comments

So I've been officially dieting for two weeks, as of today. Of course, I guess it's not supposed to be a "diet", technically. And yes, I'm hoping to extend my better eating habits, at least in part, for the rest of my life. It's encouraging t... Read more