I Hate You French Fry
Friday, June 01, 2012      7 comments

I have a love for you french fry I cannot deny your soft but crisp Love hangin on my hips I need to let you go french fry U R keeping down thats why How dare you say you love me then make me feel like this!!! I'm never gonna see... Read more
life will never be the same
Sunday, March 04, 2012      7 comments

I was doing great losing weight then all of a sudden life turns upside down. My dad, my hero, my friend died unexpectedley . He was only 59. He was always healthy when I was young never sick. I just don't know how to get my motivation back. My... Read more
I ate pizza
Monday, February 21, 2011      1 comments

My husband brought home pizza today. I ate 2 pcs usually i would eat 4 with x-tra cheese and not even blink. I am striving to do better I did exerscise today!!! ... Read more
One day at a time
Sunday, February 20, 2011      2 comments

The other day my husband Robert was up all night throwing up.WHY? Because he has hiatal hernia and acid reflux he has had these conditions for years but has failed to wanting to change until now. He is dedicated to changing his lifestyle and eat... Read more
The Big Bowl (Super)
Monday, February 07, 2011      4 comments

Well the game was on and so was the food.I love mexican anything so my husband made cheesy salsa I asked hi m not to. but he did. I made this bean dip also we had a cookie cake and at least 10 dozen wings with all the fixens( ranch blue cheese) ... Read more
Everyone is against me?
Wednesday, January 12, 2011      5 comments

the past 2 weeks I have been on this fast break diet. I have two kids a girl 4 years old a boy almost 2 and a wonderful sometimes supportive husband. During the first week my husband brought burger king home once he ordered pizza 2 times!!!!I ca... Read more