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Six days to check one thing off the annual goal list
Monday, January 25, 2021      2 comments

In an earlier blog I listed my 10 goals for the new year. They are as follows: 1. Make meal planning a habit. 2. Fit in a size 20 by June 3. Finish Albert and Mary (biography of my grandparents been working on it since 2012) drafts b... Read more
Hubby to the rescue--he's my hero
Friday, January 22, 2021      2 comments

My Hubby is my hero. We only have one car. On most days I take the car since I work a 25 minute freeway drive from our home (used to be an 18 minute walk, but the city in their infinite bureaucratic mindlessness decided it would be better for ... Read more
usually folks notice by now--stupid masks
Wednesday, January 20, 2021      5 comments

I'm one of those people where the first place I lose weight is in my face. It only takes a few pounds and I get comments and compliments. Things still don't fit right, fingers still too fat for the wedding ring but the face slims down. I have... Read more
The public is back in the building
Tuesday, January 19, 2021      3 comments

Helping folks is the best part of my job. It is the whole reason I do my job. This last year was hard. Five months of working at home (not doing reference--just training and online programs) then a few months of limited service and then at Th... Read more
One month Sparkiversary--let me share my goals for the year
Monday, January 18, 2021      3 comments

I started this new SP venture 31 days ago. I figure any New Year's resolution worth having is worth not waiting to start so I started before Christmas. My thinking was if I can start to form habits before the holidays I have a better chance of... Read more
Sundays need to change
Sunday, January 17, 2021      7 comments

I have a terrible habit on Sunday. I get home from Church and we grab food and I sit in my favorite chair and I don't move. Sit there long enough and the cat will sit on me. There is a lot to be said for having a day of rest, but hardly movin... Read more
busy little Saturday
Saturday, January 16, 2021      2 comments

Tuesday my library is for the first time this year, going to let the public use the space they are paying for. There are restrictions (they can't browse the shelves--they have to wear a mask at all times--any library item they touch but don't c... Read more
keeping my mouth shut
Friday, January 15, 2021      5 comments

There are days when I realize that the best thing I can do is keep opinions to myself--or at least keep from publicly complaining about things. I like to think I'm a take-things-as-they-come kind of person, but there are buttons that can so eas... Read more
Not starting over--don't need too.
Thursday, January 14, 2021      7 comments

Yesterday I was lazy. I had the day off and I did almost nothing. Watched TV and played games on my tablet and provided a place for the cat to curl up. I've had days like that in the past and I end up grazing in the kitchen and then decid... Read more
Giving myself a lazy day
Wednesday, January 13, 2021      5 comments

I don't work today, well I have a one hour zoom meeting, but that is it. I was in bed this morn thinking of all the thinks I could do today, but at the end I decided that I just needed a day. A super lazy watch TV and not worry about getting a ... Read more
using the white board
Tuesday, January 12, 2021      3 comments

Several years ago our college age nephew moved in with my husband and I. To help us keep track of where everyone is and what is going on, my husband bought a white board and hung it on the kitchen wall. There is a week grid with a column for e... Read more
getting in the steps
Monday, January 11, 2021      5 comments

It's the little things. I'm working at not sitting as much. That little thing, try not to sit until I need to, has meant that the last two Sundays I've met my modest 6000 step goal. Often on Sunday I get home from church and sit in a chair ... Read more
another dull saturday in the library
Saturday, January 09, 2021      4 comments

On one hand being at work keeps me from mindless snacking and I'm getting better at finding excuses to get away from my desk, On the other hand, I would like to be a home putting away the Christmas decorations so eventually the tree will be tak... Read more
so far so good--rather surprised by that.
Friday, January 08, 2021      5 comments

I started this before Christmas, and yes I enjoyed the holiday and there are days when I'm baking or at a nibble fest and it feels like punishment to try and track it all, so I try to think about what I'm eating and make the best choices I can. ... Read more
I hereby revoke my membership in the clean plate club
Thursday, January 07, 2021      5 comments

Cleaning your plate was a big thing growing up. Folks that were frugal and did not want to waste any food. Putting something on your plate was like signing a contract that you were going to eat it. I remember going to a buffet as a kid and my... Read more

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