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Monday, November 28, 2011      1 comments

I've been through a lot lately and I'm trying to be kind to myself. This is a time of healing for me and I am very slowly starting to feel a bit better. The past few weeks have been filled with tears and way too much emotional eating. The positi... Read more
Sad news...
Wednesday, November 02, 2011      3 comments

I've been quiet on here lately because a couple of weeks ago we had some prenatal tests done and the results showed a number of problems with my pregnancy. We spent two weeks going to various specialists and got some answers about what was wrong... Read more
I'm doing well...
Friday, September 30, 2011      3 comments

I'm checking in today after a few weeks away from Spark. I hadn't intended to take a break but I've been trying to take it easy and I've been enjoying some time away from the computer. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and my pregnanc... Read more
I have a secret...
Tuesday, August 30, 2011      5 comments

I'm pregnant again! My husband and I are both older parents - he's 42 and I'm 39. We wanted to have our children before I reached the age of 40 and it looks like we'll be making that goal. Baby is due about 2 weeks before my 40th! I a... Read more
Today I arrived in Onederland!
Monday, July 18, 2011      7 comments

Woo hoo! I finally got down under 200 pounds! This is a huge goal for me and for a while it really felt like it was never going to happen. I started to get close in June but I've been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds since then. Last week I ... Read more
Derailed...Part 2
Thursday, June 23, 2011      4 comments

Ok, today I'm feeling much better than I was yesterday morning. It felt like things were starting to spiral out of control, but I have a little bit of a grip on things today. I spent some time thinking about why I am so stressed right now and ... Read more
Wednesday, June 22, 2011      4 comments

I've been struggling a bit lately, and I have allowed myself to start comfort eating again. This is definitely a form of self-sabotage and I'm doing my best to learn from the experience. I was very, very close to Onederland and instead of ... Read more
I am just around the corner from Onederland!
Wednesday, June 08, 2011      11 comments

I just got home from a trip out east to visit my family. I only indulged in a few little treats while I was gone and I was on the move most of the time. This morning I was down 3 pounds to 201! - I can't believe that I will soon be under 200! No... Read more
Anxiety is sneaking up on me...
Tuesday, May 10, 2011      3 comments

My little guy is now almost 8 months old and I have been struggling to find daycare for when I go back to work in September. Well, yesterday I a spot opened up for him at a daycare near where I work. I should be happy about it, but honestly the ... Read more
Two years of Sparking!
Tuesday, April 26, 2011      3 comments

Today is my two year Sparkversary. Wow! I can't believe that Sparkpeople has been part of my life for so long! Many things have changed over the course of the past two years. Here are some of the highlights: ~ I weighed 224 lbs when I joined. ... Read more
"New" clothes for me!
Wednesday, April 20, 2011      1 comments

Today I did my "FlyLady" challenge which was to put away any piles of clothes that you have hanging around. After I put away my stack of laundry, I decided to tackle my suitcase full of clothes that are too small for me. Some of the clothes were... Read more
Domestic Diva
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      4 comments

My home organization project is now well underway. The chaos in our house is finally starting to shift and I can feel a new, clear energy beginning to emerge! I am using plastic storage bins and a label maker to make sense of the random bit... Read more
Get into the groove!
Wednesday, March 30, 2011      2 comments

I used to HATE the idea of daily routines. I liked to get up in the morning and let the day take me wherever it felt like going. It was like floating on a river. Sometimes I ended up where I needed to go, but other times I got stuck and went abs... Read more
Getting things done in the wee hours of the morning!
Friday, March 18, 2011      2 comments

Well, the Flylady routines are going pretty well so far. I do find that it's hard to do all of it while caring for a baby though. I think it will be more realistic once my son stops nursing. In the meantime, I'm modifying the routines as I go so... Read more
I'm a Flybaby!
Sunday, March 13, 2011      4 comments

My blog entry yesterday prompted a couple of comments that mentioned Flylady. I had heard of her before, but I didn't really pay attention. Today I checked out her website and I'm going to use some of the information that I found there and I hav... Read more

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