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New Pants
Monday, June 02, 2014      6 comments

Just bought new jeans with a zipper last month and they are sagging and bagging already. I've only lost 3 pounds in the past 6 weeks but something is changing my shape. Could it be fitness? Maybe. No matter. It's a great NSV!... Read more
How to Feel Good in My Body Now
Friday, May 30, 2014      3 comments

The question: how I can feel good now and still create the changes I want. I am a member of the SP team Inside Out Weight Loss (IOWL) where I am learning about Renee Stephens' program called "Inside Out Weight Loss." Renee offers free podcast ... Read more
Fitness Minutes Goal on the horizon!
Thursday, May 29, 2014      1 comments

I set a goal for myself to increase my fitness minutes to greater than 300 this month. I got a 250 trophy the previous month so I wanted a 20% increase. I am currently at 445. Could I make 500? Stay tuned and I'll let you know.... Read more
Great Question
Thursday, May 29, 2014      2 comments

Do you look at the way you eat/exercise as a means to weight loss/weight maintenance or as a healthy lifestyle? How do you (or do you?) differentiate the two? Anyone else experienced such slow progress with their fitness efforts? I am sti... Read more
Wednesday, May 28, 2014      2 comments

I pushed the scale away a few months ago and haven't looked back. I've been here before and know that the weekly losses are very small at this point in the journey and at this weight. Now, I weigh only once or twice a month. Today, I weighed and... Read more
1Mile think it's too hard?
Saturday, May 24, 2014      0 comments

When I first stared this journey 5 months ago, I couldn't walk to the end of the block without stopping to rest. I have asthma which limits my endurance and speed. I was so out of shape that getting up off the couch took a great effort and I nee... Read more
Ups and Downs
Thursday, May 22, 2014      2 comments

This journey has wild emotional swings. Sometimes, like right now, I am soaring along jumping from mountaintop to mountaintop hardly glancing at the bottomless pits below. Been in those pits before so I know they are there. My eating and exer... Read more
Good day
Tuesday, May 20, 2014      3 comments

Had a lovely day, all in all. I teach ESL on Tuesday so I was up and out early. The class is fun and I learn so much from the class. Didn't accomplish much of note today but enjoyed the free time. Dinner tonight was sautéed chicken, farro wit... Read more
Dinner Out Success Story
Tuesday, May 20, 2014      2 comments

Tonight my DD had a reason to celebrate. She had her second interview for a job she really wants. She had prepared for this interview for 2 weeks. This interview was 4 hours long and she felt she did very well and was told she is one of 3 finali... Read more
Sunday, May 18, 2014      2 comments

I have been a long time breakfast avoider. I don't wake up hungry. Now, I usually have breakfast a couple of hours after I get up. For years, I found that most carb breakfasts left me feeling more hungry rather than full. I can eat eggs with... Read more
Smaller Clothes
Saturday, May 17, 2014      3 comments

Today, I faced the dreaded fitting room. My DD went along for support and encouragement. I needed some new jeans and a pair of shorts because mine were all too loose. I had to try on arm loads to find some that fit and felt comfortable because I... Read more
Why I need to stop feeling guilty.
Friday, May 16, 2014      9 comments

If I go off plan, overeat or give in to mindless eating. I feel guilty. When I feel guilty, I beat myself up. I feel so badly about myself sometimes I turn to food to feel better. Feeling guilty doesn't prevent me from repeating my actions in th... Read more
The 90% / 10% Plan
Thursday, May 15, 2014      2 comments

I heard a coworker who is trying to maintain her slender frame say that she practices the 90/10 plan. She expects to eat healthy 90% of the time. She actively works to make this happen. The other 10% isn't planned unhealthy eating, it's caused b... Read more
The Long Haul Journey
Wednesday, May 14, 2014      2 comments

In the beginning of my journey, the rewards were so great that the journey was actually easy. Feeling physically better is a fabulous reward. I clearly remember the milestones of those early days. I realized my feet didn't swell and hurt at the ... Read more
Dealing with Difficult Days
Tuesday, May 13, 2014      1 comments

Many of us start out our journey with strong in motivation despite our past fear and past failures. We begin by learning to eat within range and drink the water. We are surprised that it is so easy. We put one foot in front of the other and get ... Read more

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