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Grocery Store Master List
Saturday, February 15, 2020      7 comments

Thought I’d share this tip. I created this master grocery store list that follows my grocery store aisle displays. It includes all the things I normally buy. If there is something not on this list, I can simply jot it down. I plan my meals and... Read more
Good Day
Saturday, February 15, 2020      8 comments

Yesterday, I had a great day. I was asked by a friend 80’s to go with him and his wife to the hospital for some medical testing. He had canceled a previous appointment because he was nervous. His wife had been in the hospital for an upper respir... Read more
Learned something New
Thursday, February 13, 2020      6 comments

Had an emotional issue that drove me to eat. I don’t name tasty treats in my blogs because none of use need the temptation. The treat item I bought, ate and indulged in was something I’d eaten before and enjoyed. Lesson learned. Tasty trea... Read more
Wednesday, February 12, 2020      6 comments

I’m okay again. I’ve righted the boat and have my oars deep in the water rowing away from the dangerous rocky rapids. I chatted with my DF and that helped. I prayed and that helped even more. I discussed the emotional issues with my couch ... Read more
Tough Day
Tuesday, February 11, 2020      8 comments

Some days are easy on the journey. Amazingly easy. Nothing seems hard, burdensome or irksome. I just do it. I have a good attitude about myself and my journey. I feel POSITIVE. Then there are the hard days. Everything is too much, too hard... Read more
Overcoming my Fear of Failure
Wednesday, February 05, 2020      6 comments

This time on the journey, I’ve committed myself to FIRST work on my inner head issues. I’ve come to realize that I have lots of inner head issues that affect my journey. I first worked on accepting Progress not Perfection. I’ve really been... Read more
Avoiding a fall
Tuesday, February 04, 2020      5 comments

My cold symptoms require me to take steroids for my asthma. Steroids make me ravenous and I don’t sleep well. Tired and hungry are a Journey double punch. On days like this, I up my veggies and make sure they are extra tasty. Tonight we had... Read more
Surviving BIG game eating plan
Sunday, February 02, 2020      7 comments

I am preparing Grilled Greek Chicken, slow roasted Greek veggies and Greek lemon potatoes. Oh yeah, the game is on. It’s all marinating or in the oven. No going back on this plan. ... Read more
Eating when we’re sick
Friday, January 31, 2020      6 comments

I’ve had a head cold the past 3 days. I’m tired, cranky, sleepy and grumpy. I’ve been trying to stay on my journey even through my heads keeps telling me to EAT something so I’ll feel better. As a child, I remember enjoying feeling cared f... Read more
Exercise snack to fitness opportunity
Tuesday, January 28, 2020      7 comments

Today was a sunny 70F day perfect for a little gardening. Yes, I live in paradise Southern California. As we pulled into the driveway, I spotted a couple of weeds that were about to go to seed. I told my DH I would break the ground with a shovel... Read more
Knowledge, Optimism, Compassion, Forgiveness and Empathy Apply daily.
Friday, January 24, 2020      5 comments

Previous failed “diet” attempts created frustration, negativity, resentment and anger in me. Those feelings were why I it was so hard. I needed to resolve those feelings that fueled my inner critic so I could move forward. Knowledge replac... Read more
Why am I doing this?
Thursday, January 23, 2020      7 comments

Reasons to lose weight. 1. to improve my health and fitness. 2. to feel physically fit. 3. to live a long, healthy life. 4. to enjoy living in a smaller body. 5. to look good in regular sized clothing. 6. to feel comfortable in... Read more
Concurring Fear
Monday, January 20, 2020      11 comments

Ok it wasn’t the compliment that bugged me. It was the fear of failure that the compliment brought to the surface. What else was going on? I had lost 80 pounds and was entering onederland. I knew lots of people struggle at that point. My w... Read more
Sunday, January 19, 2020      13 comments

Thoughts need on how to handle compliments. I’ve lost 40 pounds slowly and no one other than my family has noticed the change. That’s okay because I don’t talk about my journey with friends and acquaintances. I like compliments on how hard I’ve ... Read more
Speed bump repair service
Friday, January 17, 2020      5 comments

Still working on my inner head issues. I have a long history of being really hard on myself expecting perfection on my journey. This has created a harsh inner critic who makes following my journey challenging at times. She has steered me into lo... Read more

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