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Pendulum - pleasures and positives - Keep On Keeping On
Saturday, June 30, 2012      2 comments

Yeah... it's like that sometimes. ReAction to success... retrograde. Maybe. Or not. Clothes shopping finished for a while. Still no shoes. But a Size 12 green dress. I tend to react to positives by exhibiting some negative behavior. I'v... Read more
First ever Size 12 dress !!
Wednesday, June 20, 2012      18 comments

My amazing friend Kristen was with me in the dressing room. I'm like a toddler looking into her face for validation, to see approval, to see if I should be can be happy ab... Read more
Injuries - Will NOT Derail me emotionally. They could. But can't let them!!
Sunday, June 17, 2012      1 comments

... Read more
Ups and downs and in betweens - June 2012
Thursday, June 14, 2012      3 comments

Morning coffee. Slept in. Weighed in. It's Thursday. Wednesday is my weigh day. And I've skipped a couple. I weighed 173 at my infusion last Friday, shoes on after breakfast. My low weight this past 30 days was 167 a couple of weeks ago, befo... Read more
Get back! No Ostriches (really a note to self)
Tuesday, May 15, 2012      3 comments

Another Wednesday approaches and I'm not back yet. Last week sounded like a commitment. It felt like one. But ... What? Injuries - plaintiff knees, ankles, feet. Wah! Food - helter skelter.... not enough water... Get back. Get... Read more
Goal 3
Sunday, May 13, 2012      4 comments

Gotta get back to 160s. I'm up to 174. And... I'm saying it.... I want to lose more weight. I want to get to the 140's and see what that feels like. I knew it would happen this way. Onderland, goal 1. 175 goal 2. 145 goal 3. There ... Read more
EVERY DAY -- Gauntlet Time And Do the Next Right Thing.
Sunday, May 06, 2012      2 comments

Gauntlet Time P. May Day. You were sick. And now with Rx's you're 'back-to-normal'. We've heard that story. So what gives? For a few months I've been waffling on every f'g subject, including my diet and exercise... and especially the way i s... Read more
Mirror mirror, candlewax and needing a new story
Wednesday, April 25, 2012      3 comments

italian restaurant wine bottles with months or years candle wax layered in drips of time -- that's what i see when i gaze at my inner thighs - - - In the mirror at th... Read more
14-16 ? Target Fit #s 1-6?
Tuesday, April 24, 2012      4 comments

Tons of time yesterday in the Target Fitting Rooms. No clue. Had I. What size. What to try on. Summer is coming. And I don't want to spend $45 on shorts. THANKS to the fabulous finds at the Swap Meet organized by JENNKINCAID last month I h... Read more
so here's the thing
Tuesday, April 17, 2012      11 comments

well ... maybe not THE thing, but... the current thing, something that occurs to me, and to mention... i guess: knowing when to push. WHEN to PUSH and When NOT to Push. This is a universal conundrum, an ongoing life lesson, a balance beam... Read more
Tuesday, March 27, 2012      3 comments

I'm having a hungry time these days. I don't know what to prioritize. I have resistance to much I set out to do. Resistance makes me "hungry". DIETING is such a simplification of the day. So much thought into shopping and preparing and ... Read more
First Noble Truth - Slow, Gentle, Steady, Process
Monday, March 26, 2012      1 comments

unwinding no. breathing. yes. ahhhhh. slow down. here i am. shall i tell the story? or stay with the moment? Shopping-itis... had me in familiar anxiety today. Had to come home. Able to buy food. Yes. Able to eat ... Read more
grateful actions - pivot axis of perception
Thursday, March 22, 2012      0 comments

contemplation is not the same as conceptualization deconstructing mind is a tool often abused... and mine is sharp "first thought, best thought" i will i am learning to sway into the motion of that less hesitation, less delay I was ... Read more
dawn letting - in the pink breeze (Step up)
Monday, March 19, 2012      3 comments

gratitude blog day 2 woke to a stiff body - tight from ... fallen arches... lack of exercise ... ... AND STRETCHED SOME reminded ing that ACTION CHANGES conditions choices are always there - remembering to remember is the prac... Read more
*daily gratitude here*
Sunday, March 18, 2012      0 comments

*strategy to change* kristen, my friend here in chicago, asked me how my resolve to keep a "gratitude journal" was going. Aha. Mmhmm. Practice Noticing BEAUTY and amp... Read more

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