Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge--Week 4
Friday, August 09, 2013      3 comments

Well, I am in the final stretch of the Official Tame your sweet tooth challenge. The action step for this final week is to make a plan for from here on out what I will be doing to keep myself on track and not overeat on sweets. So my plan ... Read more
Week 17 weigh in...
Monday, August 05, 2013      11 comments

So last week I was 331.6 and today I am at 328.4 so down 3.2 pounds! What I changed from last weeks gain to this week, I couldn't do any exercising because I have pulled a muscle and I am drinking only water for my first 64 oz/8 glasses the... Read more
Woot!! 50 pounds lost and a cool incident yesterday...
Friday, August 02, 2013      18 comments

Me 4-8-13 at 380 lbs Me 5-6-13 at 365 So yes! I have lost 50 lbs today!!! The most I have e... Read more
Week 16 weigh in...
Monday, July 29, 2013      9 comments

Hi all...well today is official weigh in day. Somehow I gained 1.2 lbs... So in thinking why, I think that one, I have been drinking the crystal light no sugar no carb powder that you put in water...i haven't had just plain water, for ... Read more
A bit about me 3...
Wednesday, July 24, 2013      17 comments

Me April 2013. Starting my new Lifestyle... So this blog is a continuation of my last blogs "Week 15 Weigh in...And a little about me!" and "A bit about me 2..." So bef... Read more
A bit about me 2...
Monday, July 22, 2013      6 comments

Me 3 years ago around the time I started changing my life... So this blog is a continuation of my last blog "Week 15 Weigh in...And a little about me!" So before you re... Read more
Week 15 weigh in...And a bit about me!
Monday, July 22, 2013      7 comments

A few pics of me and hubby on our beach trip: ... Read more
Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge--Action Step #1
Thursday, July 18, 2013      5 comments

So I joined the Tame your Sweet Tooth official challenge... I have always had a sweet tooth...not long ago...i would never say no to anything sweet especially chocolat... Read more
Week 14 weigh in...
Monday, July 15, 2013      9 comments

The above pic is of me (before diet at about 380 lbs) with my 3 dogs...Sheila (Chihuahua) on the left laying by my leg, Harley (Chihuahua) on the right. He is the white dog... Read more
Week 13 weigh in...and hit my first goal!
Monday, July 08, 2013      11 comments

So last week I had that gain of 3.4 pounds. I decided I wouldn't beat myself up about it because I knew why, I had not stuck to my range at all that week. So I decided I would stick to my range this week and not splurge at all...I succeded and t... Read more
Week 12 Pic--3 months into BFC
Wednesday, July 03, 2013      4 comments

Hi here are the before and now pics... 4-8-13--Starting the diet at 380 lbs 7-3-13--Today at 337 lbs ... Read more
Lifestyle Change #3, Action Step 3
Wednesday, July 03, 2013      3 comments

So for action step 3, it says: Choose another big reward for the next 6 weeks... So in 6 weeks it will be the day before my my big reward for that day is to go get myself some new jewelry (nose ring, earring or ankle brac... Read more
Lifestyle Change #3, Action Step 2
Wednesday, July 03, 2013      1 comments

So here is what that step is: Pick a small reward to use every day to help you stay consistent for the next two weeks.. So to help motivate and encourage myself to keep going...for every day I stay on track I will give myself a Carnation ... Read more
Week 12 weigh in...
Tuesday, July 02, 2013      0 comments

Hi all...sorry I didn't post yesterday but was having fun at the river the last 2 days! Here is me Tubin' So got alot of exercise in these last 2 days... So my ... Read more
Week 11 weigh in...
Monday, June 24, 2013      5 comments

So I am down another 2.8 that is a total of 40.8 pounds! So my history with any diet i have tried is, I lose 40 lbs then hit a plateau that I can't get past, then I, I hope this lifestyle change that I am doing is diff... Read more

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