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Container Gardening/Stress Busting Challenge
Friday, August 07, 2020      11 comments

How are you all doing? I am doing fine. Been busy cleaning house. And celebrated my 4th anniversary yesterday. We had a nice quiet day at the house. I cooked him Steak for lunch. Chris really enjoyed that. (Also made baked sweet potato and... Read more
Taking Care Of Me...
Saturday, August 01, 2020      8 comments

I have come to the realization: I need to take care of me. Isn't that how it goes? You take care of everyone else but not yourself? What good am I to my hubby, parents, and in laws if I don't take care of me? Today, I will say this: I am p... Read more
Shopping While Half Asleep,
Friday, July 31, 2020      11 comments

How are you all doing? I am doing alright busy working on the house yesterday. Took me two hours to clean the bathroom from top to bottom. Looks much better. Though I can put scrubbing show on the don't like list. lol Worked on the Oldes... Read more
Another Brain Tumor
Tuesday, July 28, 2020      16 comments

Hello guys how are you? We are doing alright. (Best as we can). Today has been a day.. Started out just fine. Did some house work. After that (and hubby's yard work). We got ourselves a Chicken Salad from Chicken Salad Chick. Came ho... Read more
Update: MIL/ One Day At A Time....
Sunday, July 26, 2020      9 comments

Hello hope that all of you are doing well. I am doing fine. My Mother In Law is doing alright. (For those of you who don't know, she has Brain Cancer). Found out June 16. (Her birthday of all days). Grace had the tumor removed. Waited... Read more
Starting Schedule/St. Judes
Thursday, July 23, 2020      10 comments

How are you guys doing? Hoping all of you are doing well. Have you ever had so much to do you don't know were to start? I am busy as usual. Wife, house keeper, plant waterer. Checking in with my teams (both of the ones I lead and ones I a... Read more
Bloc 44 Fall Challenge Starting Soon
Tuesday, July 21, 2020      7 comments

Hello guys, how are you? Hope you are all doing well. Also wanted to ask if you have heard of BLC 44? I am on the White Rabbits team (BLC 43). Enjoying making new friends and encouraging each other. BLC 44 is starting up soon. This o... Read more
New Day Restoration Team
Sunday, July 19, 2020      5 comments

Hello, I am on my last week of the New Leaders Course. Decided to make my own team. One that encourages others. It is called New Day Restoration. I believe in leaving yesterday behind. Supporting your fellow team mate, and losing the weigh... Read more
Need A Fitness Buddy,
Saturday, July 18, 2020      10 comments

Hey guys how are you doing? I am doing fine. Just read an interesting article yesterday. Did you know it helps weight loss to have a fitness buddy? Who knew? The author of the article calls them Golden Buddies. A golden buddy is someon... Read more
My Journey
Tuesday, July 14, 2020      7 comments

Not sure if you know, I was on here a few years back. My first page was under GeorgiaGirl23. Mom made it up for me my Senior year in High School. We done the exercises and the dieting together. I lost a lot of weight. Went from an 18 ... Read more
Better Sleep/Walk This Way Challenge
Monday, July 13, 2020      11 comments

Hi guys how are you this morning? I am doing fine. Just been busy as usual. Noticed I have been having trouble with sleep. So, I decided to join the Better Sleep Challenge yesterday. Will start my sleeping journal today. Write down all... Read more
2020: Journeying Into The Unknown
Friday, July 10, 2020      9 comments

Hi guys, how are you doing? I am doing fine. Just wondered something though. Has anyone else felt like this year has been crazy? Like we are on a crazy roller Coaster ride that won't stop???? I know I have. We have had the virus. (No o... Read more
Hope--The Secret Word
Sunday, July 05, 2020      7 comments

Did you know that hope is the secret weapon? The secret word is what Linda Spangle calls it. Hope is what helps you on your weight loss journey. I also believe it helps during times of trouble as well. When we are going though sickness, ... Read more
Tell Yourself "I Do Care"
Friday, July 03, 2020      6 comments

Have you ever wondered, Do I care about my weight? Do I care if I am getting healthy or not??? Never crossed my mind to keep it on the positive (I do care vibe). Did you know that thinking "I Don't Care" can be bad for you? Linda Spangle... Read more
Who New Cooking Could Be Fun.
Wednesday, July 01, 2020      7 comments

Had a busy day. Bought the Groceries. Put them up, and Cooked the chicken and my egg plant. It was smelling good in here let me tell you! Since I am notworking right now, I have more time to cook. And I am finding out that I like it. Who... Read more

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