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Money and the Needy
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      6 comments

HealthyMe47, this is a response to your blogs about Calah, her "little sister" sorta', through the group Bolder Options.
.asp?id=HEALTHYME47 I just love what you're doing, Lau... Read more
Goofy Exercise Challenges for ANN777 and others...
Monday, April 04, 2011      3 comments

I am missing my favorite blogger, ANN777. She and I have been out of motivation for the last two months. So I went wild for her today, and for myself. I decided to do things I have never done before. Today's DOUBLE DOG DARE: A Mas... Read more
Why am I Night-Eating?
Monday, January 17, 2011      3 comments

I have asked myself why I overeat in general, and why I overeat at night in particular. I have heard several answers that seem to fit: #1 Eating feels good...It tastes good. It reminds us of earliest memories of when food and survival an... Read more
My sister may have multiple myeloma
Monday, January 10, 2011      2 comments

Please pray for my sister--the one who had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago--my only sister. She just called to say she has bone lesions & elevated liver & kidney enzymes. The most likely cause the Dr. suspects is multiple myeloma...treat... Read more
Self Control, not from ourselves, but a Gift of God
Tuesday, January 04, 2011      1 comments

I am so encouraged to be using this website...particularly to gain the support of other Christians seeking better health! Thank you, all! God gave me insight today. I feel like He is answering my prayers from November & December when I coul... Read more