The Eldest Meet the Youngest! (finally!) 4 generations together!
Thursday, October 27, 2011      11 comments

It has been over 3 years since my boys have seen their grandparents (since my youngest son's wedding in June, 2008) Now that they have moved south from the U.P. of Michigan they are only 2 hours away from us instead of 12. Much more doable!! ... Read more
Music is what feelings sound like. ~Author Unknown
Sunday, September 25, 2011      8 comments

Music has always "spoken" strongly to me. Sometimes I get as much out of the choir singing, in church, as I do from the sermon. Today the music rose up and smacked me right in the heart. Oh, it wasn't a great song of the ages or a beautif... Read more
The Definition of "Grandma Heaven"
Thursday, September 15, 2011      13 comments

We babysat for both baby boys today! What a wonderful day!!! ... Read more
Our vacation was just "Grand"!!
Sunday, July 17, 2011      12 comments

My husband and I started a very special tradition. We went to The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island for our honeymoon and made a promise then that we would return every 5th anniversary. We have done exactly that, and this year we celebrated our 3... Read more
How to spend a sunny Saturday Afternoon....
Sunday, May 01, 2011      11 comments

We got to see the kids and the babies yesterday! It was a beautiful day and it felt so good to be outside! The babies thought so too! Baby Cooper---4 weeks old ... Read more
50 Things (Thanks to Sue!)
Sunday, April 24, 2011      4 comments

50 Things Sunday, April 24, 2011 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Yes, my Aunt Pat. She was 4' 10" and really fisty! l loved her! 2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Today in church. 3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? ... Read more
If only you knew what they might be thinking.....
Wednesday, April 06, 2011      11 comments

I can't help but feel that these two little boy cousins are going to grow up to be great friends! "HANG OUT HERE OFTEN?" ... Read more
The cousins meet
Sunday, April 03, 2011      8 comments

Today the two baby boy cousins met for the first time. These are our two boys--Rob on the left with Jude, 7 weeks old, and Chris on the right with Cooper, 2 days old. ... Read more
Cooper Samuel arrives today!
Friday, April 01, 2011      12 comments

What a journey this has been! After all the worries and prayers, Cooper has arrived! He is wonderful and has all of us, doctors including, wondering how in the world all of this baby fit into his tiny living quarters! This is the baby living ... Read more
The cure for all ills.....
Saturday, March 05, 2011      14 comments

This is Jude, our 3 week old grandson, and the newest love of my life. As my mother once said, "Thank goodness we have this baby. You just can't be sad around a baby... Read more
God's Hand involved or just coincidences? I know which it is.
Monday, February 28, 2011      17 comments

I have always believed that God has a plan for all of us, but never has that been more evident than what the last few days have demonstrated for me. My brother passed away on Saturday morning. I already did a blog on that. This blog is about ... Read more
My brother's battle with cancer is over....
Saturday, February 26, 2011      27 comments

Christ's faithful servant has gone to be with the Lord. My brother passed away today. 1 Thess. 4:13 "Whether we are living, we are living unto the Lord. Whether we are dying, we are dying unto the Lord. Therefore, whether you live or die y... Read more
A chuckle for today---Boy did I need that!!
Tuesday, February 22, 2011      13 comments

What is a calorie? Calories are the little creeps that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter. MY CLOSET IS INFESTED WITH THE LITTLE %$&#s! ... Read more
Baby Jude Arrives......
Friday, February 11, 2011      14 comments

Just a quick blog with the stats: Jude Eugene 2/11/2011 10:56 a.m. (C-section) 8# 15 oz. 20.5 inches long I didn't know my heart could hold so much love! ... Read more
Indy Officer's memorial service yesterday
Wednesday, February 02, 2011      8 comments

I wrote the whole story on the blog prior to this one, but wanted to just add how very sad yesterday was for so many. Officer Moore must have been a great guy. That's what my son said, anyway. They said goodbye to him in the midst of one of ... Read more

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