It's actually *not* decision time
Thursday, June 16, 2011      1 comments

So a couple of months ago, in early April, I MADE A DECISION. I decided that even though I was unemployed and living on savings, I would prioritize my health: I would pay the enrollment fee and join a gym (with a contract) and start working out.... Read more
Sunday, June 27, 2010      1 comments

I saw an incredible movie today called "Disfigured". It is available for streaming on Netflix if you have a subscription there. It is a tiny movie that probably got no attention, but I wish every woman (person?) everywhere could watch it. It sta... Read more
When things go wrong...
Monday, June 07, 2010      8 comments

I loved today's quote from the Healthy Reflections email, and I wanted to share in case anyone didn't see it: "When things go wrong don't go with them." - Elvis Presley, rock idol I know it's meant to be funny, but I can relate to th... Read more
Slowly getting back on track
Saturday, June 05, 2010      5 comments

Overall I am enjoying my new work schedule - who knew I was such a morning person? I still have trouble getting to bed early some nights, mostly due to noisy neighbors... sigh, apartment living. But overall, I love rising and sinking (into bed) ... Read more
Saturday, May 15, 2010      5 comments

One of the things I need to do to get healthier is get up earlier, which I've blogged about before. Unfortunately I am sort of a "night owl" so my tendency is to stay up later (like tonight). Well, I also need to change my shift at work to accom... Read more
Monday, May 10, 2010      2 comments

I've been doing pretty well over the last few days of being kind to myself... mostly because I don't have a choice. I've had a terrible ear infection that is absolutely driving me nuts and stealing all my energy - and keeping me in bed most of t... Read more
Saturday, May 01, 2010      3 comments

My last month's post for goals was titled "ready to begin again". The truth is, I'm tired of starting over. So instead of starting over, I'm going to start fresh with one, solitary, single, new goal: Be kind to myself. This means sever... Read more
Here we go again...
Wednesday, April 21, 2010      6 comments

I have had several bad days - no exercise, smoking, and drank twice. Don't even want to get into the eating thing. I realize I need real-world support, and have appointments next week with a counselor and with my doctor. I am wanting to get "bac... Read more
I Got Up Today!! And other victories
Wednesday, April 14, 2010      2 comments

I got up at a reasonable hour today, finally! I did a 20-minute cardio workout and then got ready for work without having to rush and stress. Fantastic start to the day! What a difference it makes in my attitude throughout the day to get out of ... Read more
April 13, 2010 - Argh
Tuesday, April 13, 2010      3 comments

After committing to getting up earlier this morning - just 15 minutes earlier per a suggestion on yesterday's blog, which seems totally reasonable - I absolutely could not sleep last night. When I did finally fall asleep, I dreamt I was being ki... Read more
One last struggle...
Tuesday, April 13, 2010      3 comments

I had a really great day today overall, but I am still struggling with one thing - getting out of bed at a reasonable hour in the morning! I don't have time to work out in the morning because I am rushing to get breakfast and go to work, so my w... Read more
April 11, 2010
Sunday, April 11, 2010      2 comments

I had a very healthy weekend overall. I didn't work out today, but I was so sore from my yoga class yesterday it wasn't possible - so it wasn't a matter of laziness at least. :) I was within calorie range all weekend, and did not smoke, so I am ... Read more
April 8 - Week 1 review
Thursday, April 08, 2010      2 comments

Overall I feel like I have started the month on a positive note as far as my goals. I am almost meeting my exercise goal - I worked out 5/7 days! Compared to 0 days in March, this is a big win. :) I hit a road bump with my eating Tuesday and Wed... Read more
April 7, 2010
Thursday, April 08, 2010      1 comments

I've had an interesting couple of days, a real emotional roller-coaster. I found out yesterday that I didn't get the promotion I had applied for and I was devastated. I know I am lucky to have a steady job with a great, stable company that treat... Read more
April 5, 2010
Monday, April 05, 2010      0 comments

I am so proud of myself, I met all of my healthy living goals today. I even went to a yoga class tonight straight from work - normally from work I go straight home, not to be seen again until the next day. I am so grateful I went to class, becau... Read more

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