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Tuesday, October 16, 2012      4 comments

Just got back from the gym and my wife and I blasted through the weight room after walking for a mile and a half. Let me tell you, I wouldn't have went tonight without her and now I feel like a million bucks! I missed working out.... Read more
Ah... The Gym
Thursday, October 11, 2012      2 comments

Last night was the first time I have been to a proper gym in many years and I got to go with my wife! We had a good time and did our 15 minute continuous walk for our virtual 5k training then spent a half hour or so in the weight room. Mostly ... Read more
Making Progress
Wednesday, October 10, 2012      1 comments

Well I added my wife to my gym account yesterday and we are going to get started today. I also started using the beginner 5k walking trainer so I can do some of the virtual 5k's on here. After losing the first six pounds over my birthday I fee... Read more
Friday, October 05, 2012      4 comments

My Lord, it has been since 2010 since I last blogged on here. I wish I could say I have been having good luck losing weight in the last couple of years, but I can't. Here is to a much better winter so I can be in better shape and get some hiki... Read more
A good weekend
Tuesday, June 01, 2010      0 comments

Hello! Well we had a good Memorial Day weekend. I even managed to lose a little weight! We took the kids camping so I had a wonderful assortment of not so healthy camp food... but I kept it in decent moderation and felt great! Last week Kat ... Read more
Lets go!
Thursday, May 27, 2010      1 comments

Woohoo! Ok so it seems that Kat and I are back on track finally. Memorial Day weekend will be tough, so we'll see! We are taking Monday's as a non diet day to see if we can keep on track better. We did it before and it worked well:) Let... Read more
Holy Moly
Friday, May 14, 2010      2 comments

I forgot how hectic life is with a new baby. We aren't able to track food though we aren't doing to bad being healthy. We are walking quite a bit, the baby has even been on two hikes! Not bad for a one month old. I am trying to get back on t... Read more
Friday, April 30, 2010      4 comments

Well me and the wife are surviving with the little one! We haven't gotten the diet quite worked out, but it is getting better and better. Exercise is going well, after tomorrows hike we will be over 7 miles of walking/hiking for the week. Not... Read more
The Ohgrr is back!
Monday, April 19, 2010      3 comments

I don't have a lot of time left on lunch but I wanted to let everyone know I am back! The baby was born on the 7th of April at 5:14 in the evening. Life is getting back to normal now. I only gained about 10 lbs or so in my frantic hiatus to g... Read more
Oh my lord!
Thursday, April 01, 2010      1 comments

Life has been nuts lately. I have had my car broken into and out hospital bag stolen. Kat's mucus plug broke today and the birth of Alexandra is imminent. I have had endless diet problems but I think I might have got them under control. I ju... Read more
Tuesday, March 16, 2010      4 comments

Well I have been on and off lately. I have definately hit my breaking point on this plateau and I am having more and more trouble motivating myself over it. I have pretty much dropped all of my supps in favor of a much more simple calorie orie... Read more
Thursday, March 04, 2010      0 comments

Well I am on the third day of my first thermogenic. So far it hasn't been too bad. I had a lot of jitters the first day, yesterday was pretty normal and today I have had some flushing. The diuretic properties are working well, though. Down t... Read more
Did ya miss me!?
Tuesday, March 02, 2010      2 comments

I am officially back on Sparks after my week long break and tracking again! I picked up a new type of protein powder from bodybuilding.com. I have to admit the GNC pro performance tastes a little better but this is literally 1/3 the price so i... Read more
Monday, March 01, 2010      1 comments

Well my supplement order from buildybuilding.com should be here tomorrow, which means that will be my official return day! I am itching to come back, my energy is where it should be and I am ready to own the weights again! I miss you all! See... Read more
Where has the Kurt gone?
Friday, February 26, 2010      2 comments

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that I am still alive. I went to do pushups and could only manage to push up a single rep! It was then I reallized that it was time for a bit of a break to restock and revitalize the body. Everything is goi... Read more

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