Importance of a Food Scale
Monday, January 24, 2011      1 comments

Okay, so I learned something by accident today-probably something everyone else already knew. Last night, I wanted some cracker crisps that I got from Aldi. It had the nutrition information on it, but for serving size, it had 1 oz (28g). I ha... Read more
Other things I'd like to do
Saturday, January 22, 2011      1 comments

I've always had an adventurous side to me, but for the past 10 years, my weight has put limits on me. I can't wait to get more healthy. I want to do water sailing and possibly sky-diving. I also rode in a racecar and the firesuit would not zi... Read more
What I've Learned
Wednesday, January 19, 2011      1 comments

Okay, so I'm just getting started on this weight loss journey, but I have to admit that I'm feeling better already. I used to suffer from indigestion a lot, but that is not as big of a problem anymore. I have learned I should wait 2 hours (at ... Read more
Source of Motivation!
Monday, January 17, 2011      1 comments

Okay, I've did lots of looking around on this site. I've looked at success stories that are very motivational and made me realize I can do it too. I've seen sparkpages and profiles of people that seemed extremely motivated, but it looks like t... Read more
I'm going to get on those roller coasters again!
Sunday, January 16, 2011      4 comments

It seems I'm always more motivated when I start toward meeting a goal then when I've been working on it for a while. Before I started exercising, I'm thinking "this will be a piece of cake to do 20 minutes of activity/day." Okay, so I was wron... Read more