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Wedding photos 2012 and 2013
Monday, December 23, 2013      6 comments

This year 2013, my husband had a LOT of weddings to attend...translation I needed to make sure I was ready for it. When I heard we had to go to three weddings for his co-workers, I was super scared. Then, I had two other invitations to wedding... Read more
Wedding blues...
Tuesday, October 08, 2013      7 comments

Finally, the wedding for my niece is done. I thought finally, my arms would look great in my gown. I think it looked better than the previous events I had to go to...but I still felt insecure. I know that I am just halfway thru my weight l... Read more
Friends? Are you sure they are really your friends?
Monday, September 30, 2013      14 comments

I went out last Friday with my friends and one of them asked how my workouts are going (Note: these friends aren't really into exercising). So, I said you know I finished Insanity despite all my wounds --my wound on my palm, elbow and bumps her... Read more
Round 2 or CLX/Insanity hybrid (plus RANTING!!!)
Monday, September 23, 2013      8 comments

I haven't fully decided if I should start round 2 of Insanity. I was thinking of doing another round of Insanity, instead of the CLX/Insanity hybrid. I had lunch with a co-parent today and she said I looked fitter but when she asked how the dr... Read more
A few inches here and there (Insanity pictures)
Thursday, August 22, 2013      13 comments

I survived round 1 of Insanity! When I started Insanity last June, I began with a lot of energy. I said to myself I think I can do this. Everyday was a mop of sweat and I know I still need to workout more. When Month 2 began, I couldn't... Read more
Insanity and my slightly battered body! Help!
Thursday, August 15, 2013      8 comments

I am almost done with Insanity. August 22 is my last Insanity day. So I am just a week away from finishing the program. When I began Insanity, I had LOTS of energy and, although I felt the daily soreness, I was really glad with the progra... Read more
The best compliment I got yet
Monday, July 29, 2013      6 comments

As usual, I weighed myself and surprise...not much difference. It doesn't matter though. My husband said yesterday, oh I can really see you are losing weight. No matter what the scale says, I don't care. I was really glad my husban... Read more
A scale victory at last
Tuesday, July 09, 2013      5 comments

I am on my day 16 of Insanity and I finally had a scale victory. I started Insanity at 159.8 lbs and I weighed myself today...and I am proud to say I am at 157.4 lbs. This is the biggest jump I've had in months. I was already getting fr... Read more
NSV that motivates me
Wednesday, June 05, 2013      4 comments

My weight has more or less been stuck for awhile now. Sometimes I would lose a couple of pounds but gain them back in a few days. Weeks ago, I consulted a nutritionist for portion control of food. I think I am getting my act together with my ... Read more
A long way to go but I am happy with progress.
Thursday, July 26, 2012      3 comments

Have been contemplating for a long time if the weighing scale is an enemy. I kept hoping the measuring tape would be on my side. Some days I just keep reading what others write about on Spark and get so inspired. I keep thinking wow, they hav... Read more
Frustrations and some small changes
Monday, April 16, 2012      1 comments

I browsed thru my pics since I began working out regularly last year and I am getting frustrated. I've tried to have better food choices but it seems I am not making as much improvement as I should be. I am so SO jealous of a lot of the succes... Read more
Finally getting my groove back
Thursday, March 08, 2012      2 comments

Last January, I suddenly felt so down. Have been having problems with my teenage daughter. She has not been attending college classes because she has been going thru an emotional problems with friends. I didn't know how to cope. All I could ... Read more
Feeling down about my husband's diabetes
Friday, December 02, 2011      5 comments

It's been over six months since I started diligently working out. I like my progress and the strength that I have now because of it. I like it that people notice the difference, even if the weight loss still isn't as much as I would have wante... Read more
Slow.....Progress Pics
Wednesday, November 09, 2011      3 comments

Since end of May, I have been working out consistently and I have been super motivated with my journey. On most days, I am glad to workout hard but lately since I have be... Read more
Monthly Progress Pics
Wednesday, September 28, 2011      5 comments

I am posting my monthly pics with the same outfit so I can easily compare my progress. I don't usually put my weight in my profile but for once I am posting it. ... Read more

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