Many Challenges Lately
Tuesday, April 24, 2012      1 comments

I have been riddled with challenges lately. My husband and I thought it would be great to go to Disneyland April 6-10 which we had a great time. But my husband caught a cold the first day had a score throat and was under the weather. I got bli... Read more
Who needs the beef? I don't
Wednesday, March 07, 2012      2 comments

My husband and I have decided to stop eating beef recently. I totally love steak, burgers and all of the good stuff. I know in the long run it will be better for us. So far it's been about two weeks and haven't really had any cravings for a ste... Read more
Why is today Beautiful?
Monday, February 13, 2012      2 comments

Today is beautiful! I went to the Doctor and he told me I currently have no signs of PCOS in my blood tests! I am so happy and will continue to take care of myself and loose more weight. I also was weighed and lost 2 pounds so down to 288. S... Read more
My Zumba instructor is awesome!
Thursday, May 05, 2011      3 comments

Today, I went to my Zumba class which normally run an hour long, tonight it ran 1hr and 15 minutes totally calorie burn equal= 1161! I really enjoy it and starting to know the dance moves it's taken me awhile considering I never liked to dance... Read more
Trying new workouts
Monday, May 02, 2011      4 comments

I have started to do Zumba with my neighbor who wanted me to go to the class and give it a try. Wow, it is one of the hardest works I've ever done. I've gone about 6 times and enjoy it and it takes a lot of energy to make it the full hour long... Read more
My new Gym and motivation!
Saturday, November 13, 2010      4 comments

So lately I have not been feeling good just getting over a cold. This is the first week I've felt more normal. I haven't been to the gym in a month and can totally feel the difference. I have changed gyms because Bally's just isn't helping g... Read more
My fitness minutes
Monday, September 13, 2010      4 comments

Wow, never thought I'd have 1,250 fitness minutes equals 20.83hrs of working out. Basically sweating my Ass off! I have realized logging the minutes in every time of working out holds me more accountable for my efforts. Still I have to pep m... Read more
Friday, August 27, 2010      0 comments

I have been going to the gym 4-5 days a week working really hard each time. I'm feeling better but I'm struggling keeping a good balance at home. I somehow always feel guilty if I don't go to the gym on those 2 or 3 days a week. The few days ... Read more
Why 3 more pounds?
Saturday, August 14, 2010      3 comments

I woke up this morning and weighed myself said 3 more pounds more than yesterday. UGH....SO TIRED OF THIS ROLLER COASTER of 3-4 pounds every couple of days. Maybe I'm not drinking enough water or too much salt very frustrated! I am getting en... Read more
I'm stuck!
Friday, July 30, 2010      6 comments

I've been going to the Gym since July 8 between 4-5 days a week doing cardio on the elliptical machine and swimming. Strength training I am doing also on those days too not really noticing a difference in my weight so far still at 239lbs today.... Read more
My new fitness buddy
Monday, July 12, 2010      4 comments

Alright, I have a workout partner now my husband has joined me on going to the gym. So far we have gone twice this week Thursday and today. I spent 20min on the treadmill walking really fast, 20 min on the elliptical machine, 30 min in the poo... Read more
Update on my recovery from Gallbladder surgery.
Sunday, May 16, 2010      4 comments

I have had my staples taken out for a couple of weeks now and I'm healing great the doctor says. Alright so the Dr did not release me to go back to work like I had thought he would. I'm home until June 3rd until my next appointment. My husba... Read more
My Gallbladder/Appendix Surgery
Sunday, April 18, 2010      7 comments

What a week I've had last week April 6th, I went to the dr to get my results for my CT scan of my stomach area they said it's my appendix. My Dr said I needed to go straight to the hospital emergency room because she was afraid of my appendix b... Read more
My health and Appendix
Tuesday, April 06, 2010      1 comments

As I stated in my last blog I was sick which I thought I just ate bad mexican food last week out with my husband and friends. Turned out I was so sick that night into the next morning went to the dr in extreme pain in my stomach area. They sen... Read more
I did it hit 80lbs down!
Monday, April 05, 2010      10 comments

So happy when I woke up this morning and the scale said 217 thought I was going to cry! The reason is that puts me down to 83lbs lost so far. I see the end of the 200lbs mark sometime in these up comming months. So happy! Even though I've b... Read more

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