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A new start.
Sunday, January 20, 2019      3 comments

Have been away for a very long time and totally lost focus. Need to get back on track. Starting again. ... Read more
A food addict.
Friday, January 06, 2017      3 comments

I make plans. I make resolutions not to over eat and I find myself mindlessly munching. If it is in front of me chances are I will eat it. So I realize I can't do it alone. I was really successful when I was faithfully posting on Spark Peopl... Read more
Well here I go again
Tuesday, June 30, 2015      5 comments

Wow I am s social being and I love fellowshipping with family and friends. There are church suppers, family gatherings, lunches with friends, business trips with hubby and family reunions on both sides. This year has been a whirlwind of activi... Read more
Reaching out again.
Sunday, March 29, 2015      9 comments

A little nibble of this or that. O it won't hurt I say but then I am into a full blown binge. Food addiction is not pretty. It is easy to say well I am being social when I go to the church dinner or the ladies tea. But being social is Not ha... Read more
Here I am again still struggling
Monday, February 23, 2015      7 comments

This has been an ongoing battle since before Christmas. Now we are going into March and no progress. I am committed to eating clean tomorrow Eggs for breakfast, a big salad with chicken for lunch. Perhaps chicken and another salad for dinner.... Read more
So glad we have this Spark Family
Monday, February 16, 2015      6 comments

In my last blog I was feeling pretty low concerning my lack of progress. I was embarrassed to admit that I was losing ground in reaching for goal. But my Spark friends surrounded me with so much love and good advice. I feel so encouraged and ... Read more
Have really been struggling
Saturday, February 14, 2015      17 comments

It is amazing that even though I haven't met my Spark friends personally I have such a feeling of embarrassment to write that I am sliding on the slippery slope to weight gain. It seems like no matter what promises I make in the morning and how... Read more
O my the last day of January
Saturday, January 31, 2015      3 comments

Usually Jan is the month to make New Years Resolutions start a new chapter. Get back to eating right and exercising and here it is the last day of the month and I am still off the beaten path recovering from Christmas cookies and treats. I kee... Read more
Last minute countdown
Wednesday, December 24, 2014      4 comments

A few more hours and the fun begins. A run to the store for last minute items. Another gift to buy. Well sometimes I wonder am I doing too much. Somehow a nice gathering by the fireplace with a warm drink like Hot Chocolate of a Christmas He... Read more
Lost it today
Friday, September 26, 2014      8 comments

Not sure why but I was doing great today. then after a family dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen and then I gobbled down two biscuits. I felt totally out of control. Not sure if it is an emotional response to stress bu ... Read more
Back on track again
Tuesday, September 23, 2014      5 comments

Here I am back on Track. Went to Cancun with hubby. The water was beautiful, great hotel but no internet so lost my momentum with my Spark goals and connecting with my Spark family. When I got back a few days ago it seemed like I totally lost... Read more
A stressful wonderful day.
Monday, September 08, 2014      7 comments

Today was a day full of adventure challenges and just sheer revelation of who I am. It started out at 6:00 getting up to take my granddaughter to school 30 miles away. She was not in a good mood with all the attention being given to her brothe... Read more
Back on track
Thursday, September 04, 2014      9 comments

Well the company is gone. No trips for awhile and back to my routine. This morning is water aerobics. Watching a seminar with Heidi Baker this afternoon. Going to enjoy just eating good food and moving. Even back to my piano practice which ... Read more
On track again.
Friday, August 15, 2014      9 comments

It seems when I am home and there is no company I do absolutely fine with my exercise and eating routing. Just when family and friends come over and I am cooking I seem to forget about how good I felt and how healthy I am. Somehow I need a clu... Read more
In the pool 6 days in a row.
Saturday, August 09, 2014      6 comments

This week I decided that I was going to water aerobics class every day. It seems easy in the beginning to make a goal like that but as the days progressed my motivation dwindled. Aerobics is early in the morning so that means crawling out of b... Read more

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