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Busy Weekend & A Nutrisystem Buddy
Tuesday, October 11, 2016      2 comments

My BFF was in town this weekend. She and I have each had our weight struggles, but we're both doing pretty well right now. She showed up and opened the fridge and was surprised to find Nutrisytem meals everywhere. Turns out she's done it too, an... Read more
Doggy Endurance Training
Wednesday, October 05, 2016      2 comments

I've been doing weekly short runs (2.3 miles) on Tuesdays. I have not been running with the dog lately because she lets her inner hound dog run wild and insists on sniffing every blade of grass. But she LOVES to run too. Usually when I've run wi... Read more
Running My Butt Off (Eventually)
Monday, October 03, 2016      6 comments

There's a running group that meets every Saturday. Most of them are super hard core - fast little gazelles constantly training for another marathon or triathlon or something. Then there's me, who just needs a little motivation to get out of the ... Read more
My Mysterious Body (And Less Mysterious Photos!)
Friday, September 30, 2016      1 comments

I'm home from my first trip since rededicating myself to tracking calories and behaving and seriously working toward weight loss. I would have said it was a failure. First, every single meal I had to tell some waiter that a fish is not a v... Read more
The 62-day Check-in
Friday, September 23, 2016      3 comments

It probably would have made sense to do this two days ago for a 60-day check-in, but what's life without a little randomness thrown in? Anyway, it's been 62 days now since I regrouped and restarted this process. The scale has been sporadic... Read more
Annoyed. But trying to focus on the good.
Monday, September 19, 2016      2 comments

The scale is stuck for another week. This is three weeks in a row now. I am not happy. I know these plateaus are part of how my body works and eventually it will bend to my will. It's just taking too damn long. BUT. I am trying to st... Read more
Fitness Challenge - Conquered!!!
Friday, September 16, 2016      1 comments

We have a few fitness challenges that we do sporadically with the goal being to improve your results over time. One of these challenges is the 5-4-3-2-1. You have about 55 minutes to do: 500 Jumping Jacks 400 Squats 300 Push-ups 200 S... Read more
A Better Week ... So Far
Thursday, September 15, 2016      0 comments

Last week, I had a (very small) gain. But the week before I miraculously lost 4 pounds so I wasn't too upset about it. Plus I know how my body works (or doesn't) and plateaus are just part of the game. This week, I'm doing much better on nutriti... Read more
About Cheese
Tuesday, September 13, 2016      6 comments

Before I went vegan, I always thought cheese would be the hardest thing to give up. I was right. I missed cheese! Then I'd travel or for some other assorted reason not have any vegan options and so I'd have some cheese and I'd think OMG YESSSSSS... Read more
Shopping Trials & Tribulations
Monday, September 12, 2016      1 comments

I love shopping. Sort of. Sometimes. Saturday was not one of those days. The good news is I got a new industrial strength sports bra and I wore it today for burpees, running, jumping rope, and other jumping/cardio activities and I didn't g... Read more
Another Gain Approaching
Friday, September 09, 2016      2 comments

Last week some sort of freak miracle happened and I lost four pounds. I was pretty damn excited, let me tell you. This week, well, I've done a few midweek check-ins and it seems to be up about 1-1.5 pounds. I'm not going to freak out... Read more
A Likable Picture? Whatttttt?
Thursday, September 08, 2016      5 comments

We use resistance bands at boot camp. Every once in awhile, if you pull too hard or it's super old, they snap. It doesn't happen a ton, but it's become a rite of passage. Today, I broke my first band and Mario insisted on a picture to commemorat... Read more
The Dirty Double
Wednesday, September 07, 2016      1 comments

I've started running again. Slowly. Not that I have ever (EVER!) been fast, but slower even by my own turtle-like standards. I have a plan to train for this relay race, and it includes long runs on Saturdays and at least one speed/tempo run duri... Read more
Thanks & Stickers
Tuesday, September 06, 2016      1 comments

First, thanks for all the kind words on my last post. You're the best! I think it's a lot easier to see changes on other people than it is on yourself. We are our own worst critics, right? So things are sailing along after a not terrible b... Read more
4 pounds? Whaaaaaatttt?
Sunday, September 04, 2016      15 comments

My plan was to take a picture every 10 pounds. I was hoping that would be this week. But usually when I get my hopes up my body reminds me who's in charge and I end up disappointed. BUT NOT THIS WEEK. I was absolutely stunned to see a 4 pound lo... Read more

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