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New Day
Saturday, January 20, 2018      13 comments

Each new year is an appointment to become an authentic optimist. Each new day is justification for being enthusiastic about life again. Each dawning is God's invitation to start over and build a new life, beginning with the present... Read more
Vision Statement - 2018
Thursday, December 28, 2017      15 comments

1. To solve or prevent medical problems. 2. Having the ability to do activities I enjoy or need to do. 3. Maintain a healthy weight and to exercise daily. 4. Remain active and continue a healthy diet and lifestyle. 5. Future good he... Read more
Acquired Skills
Tuesday, December 05, 2017      11 comments

To live means sharing one another's space, dreams, sorrows, contributing our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our arms to hold, our hearts to love. ~ Paul Tillich ~ Effective, creative living takes practice and work. It's important to under... Read more
Thursday, June 22, 2017      18 comments

Unless I accept my virtues, I most certainly will be overwhelmed by my faults. - Robert G. Coleman - For many shame-based reasons, it is always easier to acknowledge our flaws than our good features. Perhaps, in the beginning, we sought... Read more
Wednesday, February 22, 2017      16 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I am willing to risk the security of old ways for the prospect of happy, new tomorrows. If nothing changes, nothing changes. ... Read more
Saturday, January 07, 2017      19 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I will try to give full assent to the choices I make. Fence-sitting is an uncomfortable habit. We cook up a good batch of frustration when we insist on having it both ways. But, whether we like it or not, every yes is... Read more
On Guard
Saturday, December 03, 2016      11 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I will be on guard against complacency and laziness. I refuse to jeopardize my own progress! Every man is his own chief... Read more
Healthy Choice
Wednesday, November 16, 2016      11 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: My healthy choice today is to live these twenty-four hours as a bright potential untarnished by yesterday! ... Read more
My SparkPeople Journey
Saturday, July 23, 2016      23 comments

There is no such thing as "all at once" on this SparkPeople journey to a healthy lifestyle. The journey to a healthy lifestyle is unique. Unlike other journeys, we can't just pick a destination, hop a jet, and get there quickly on the powe... Read more
Thursday, December 24, 2015      8 comments

Many of us do not even know what feeling jolly is like, let alone being jolly because of a calendar date. As much as we'd like to rise to this puzzling condition, the fact that the holidays are coming only makes us feel guilty somehow. It ... Read more
Moody Blue
Sunday, November 08, 2015      10 comments

I attended the Moody AFB Air Show this weekend with my niece and her adopted daughter. She is a Captain in the USAF and a doctor as well. It was the first time I met Alyssa her adopted daughter. The Air Show was exceptional, and well manag... Read more
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Thursday, October 01, 2015      6 comments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating healthy, whole foods can all decrease your risk of developing this disease. Don't forget your annual doctor visit! ... Read more
Full Plate
Saturday, July 18, 2015      11 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The logic is simple enough: If your plate is full stop piling on more. I will become aware of wasting my energy by dealing... Read more
Saturday, June 13, 2015      12 comments

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I pray today for rigorous honesty and the ability to see that the answer is within me, not in the circumstances around me. I found that my circumstances couldn't improve unless I did. ... Read more
Wanting the Best
Saturday, April 11, 2015      12 comments

Wanting the best, we sometime learned the worst. But the worst was learned in search of the best. We are better, much better, than the sum of our flaws. I will learn to accept my frustrations for what they are: the result of my attempts ... Read more

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