Plan of action for Day 25
Wednesday, April 18, 2012      6 comments

It has been said it takes 21 days to break a habit or to get into a good habit that if you keep doing something for 21 days the mind and body gets use it. I have always heard that if you are trying to cut out, caffeine or sugar .. that it tak... Read more
Day 24 My Plan today....
Tuesday, April 17, 2012      8 comments

With being back on track and feeling good about it.. I am ready to make today a good day.. Plan for today 1. Make Healthy choices, and control portions 2. Do a Circuit work out then/bodypump class 3. Clean up house 4. ... Read more
Day 23 The rest of my Plan
Monday, April 16, 2012      4 comments

I really should not be writing a plan of act late in the day but.. the day is not over and I still need to have one.. I knew that I wanted today to be a fresh start for me and it was. I woke up early, had a healthy breakfast, got on my pal... Read more
Plan of Action Day 22
Sunday, April 15, 2012      6 comments

I am so glad it is Sunday.. lot of people me included, will use this day as a fresh start to the new week, I have always looked at Sunday as being my "Fresh Start" and I know every day should be a fresh start..but for me it is just a chance for ... Read more
Day 20 My New Plan
Friday, April 13, 2012      5 comments

Yea I know what happen to day 18 and 19, well I did not have a plan because the plan I had was a bad plan, I had decided to host my very own pitty party, and there was only one person on the guest list and that was me... I did not feel it was fa... Read more
Day 17 What's My Plan..???
Wednesday, April 11, 2012      7 comments

Woke up to cold and rain.. today.. which was right now is par for the course of what is going on with me.. which I know won't last long.. and of course it did'nt. if you have not already then stop reading this and read this blog: ww... Read more
Action Plan Day 16
Tuesday, April 10, 2012      3 comments

When I am typing the title, I am always thinking what do I need to do today? and the answer is simple.. that is: Keep it simple..... sometimes I make it huge deal out of it.. but I find when I do keep things simple the day goes better. ... Read more
Spreading the Spark for Spark Guy
Monday, April 09, 2012      2 comments

Hello SparkFriends! I wanted to invite you to join me this Thursday for a SparkPeople Special Event with Chris Downie (a.k.a. SparkGuy!). He’ll be talking about SparkGuy’s Army (a new feature on SparkPeople) and wants to get feedback from ... Read more
Day 15. Plan of Action time to get Serious..
Monday, April 09, 2012      4 comments

I am glad this Holiday did not throw me way off as Christmas did. I did indulged a bit yesterday, I felt better about it because I was in control, and I have learned from my past that when I really deny my self something that is when emotions hi... Read more
Day 14, My plan
Sunday, April 08, 2012      1 comments

I have come to relize when you write a plan it is for something that your going to do or want to do.. that is how it usual goes.. today's cast was a bit diffrent seeing that it was a busy even thought I did not lay a plan of action right out.... Read more
Plan of Action Day 13
Saturday, April 07, 2012      3 comments

Well My day is 1/2 over.. which it started out fast and furious today.. got up early to get to the Farmers market and then I have been in the kitchen all day making breads and getting things ready for tomorrow. I was feeling like, I don't ... Read more
Day 12 Action Plan
Friday, April 06, 2012      9 comments

Today I woke up kind of depressed. just some stress that is going on, I thought to my self I need to keep positive and I need to be persistent. things will fall into place. If it was not for writing an action plan every day.. I think I would ... Read more
Day 11 My Plan of Action
Thursday, April 05, 2012      9 comments

I know it is getting closer and closer to Easter, and I need to get this off my mind so I can deal with it. I so much do not want a repeat of Christmas. the weight gain that is. I am going to take this day head on the reason I am a bit wor... Read more
2 Year Spark Anniversary. Plan of Action Day 10
Wednesday, April 04, 2012      6 comments

I was just thinking... Do I have the gunho today as I sat here two years ago signing up for Sparkpeople? have to say the answer is yes.. I don't have the confused state of ok where do I click this where do I go for that I pretty much know the s... Read more
Plan of Action Day 9
Tuesday, April 03, 2012      7 comments

Seeing I am in a rush to get out the door to the gym I was not going to write this but I stopped and said.. You need a plan.. I have got so use to writing a plan because I cannot make it happen with out it.. so here it is 1. Gym first doing... Read more

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