Saturday, February 04, 2012      7 comments

It seems that since the first of the year I have been going through some changes and for the first time in along time I feel like I am back to my oh self of, working out and sticking to my healthy eating and the scale is going down. I know I a... Read more
I am in the Camp
Tuesday, January 24, 2012      7 comments

BootCamp that is.. Yesterday was the first day of bootcamp. and it was not was I expected it to be, No I was not yelled at but I was challenged, and promised that it would get harder. Really? ok I am up for the challenge. It really felt go... Read more
Day One Biggest Loser 12 Week Program
Saturday, January 21, 2012      8 comments

It is official, today I am making another step towards getting healthy and staying that way.. I have been off of my program for a bit.. no really bad behavor on my part but.. let's just say not the "norm" for Anita.. and I am not going to use th... Read more
Why I love Spark Live Meetings (video blog)
Thursday, January 12, 2012      21 comments

2 And you can check it out too.
ark/live.asp ... Read more
Getting my Goals in Order
Friday, January 06, 2012      8 comments

I am really enjoying reading everyone goals and plan of action for 2012.. and I was thinking that do I really have a plan of action? and a goal.? and yea I do.. I did not want to stress over it so I took these past 5 or 6 days of the New Year t... Read more
Welcome to New Comers of Spark
Thursday, December 22, 2011      13 comments

Hi my name is Anita, I wanted to write a letter to people who are just checking out Spark People for the for the first time. If your one of the millions of people who said " I need to lose weight and get healthy" but don't know were to start, Le... Read more
10 Weeks Later Feb 25 letter to self
Saturday, December 17, 2011      6 comments

It has been 10 weeks since you stared the Biggest Loser Challenge, it just started to snow and the rush of Christmas was on.. little worried how you were going to handle it. but you did fine. You stuck to your plan of action, and a little mor... Read more
Accountability (video blog)
Friday, December 16, 2011      4 comments

2... Read more
A blog saved me
Tuesday, December 06, 2011      16 comments

Have you ever been in the right place at the right time? or read something or heard something that said "Wow, did I needed to hear that"? well 10 minutes was that way for me. I fell into a little pot hole and it was and is getting bigger and big... Read more
December Goal ending the year right
Wednesday, November 30, 2011      7 comments

I have been reading alot about going into the the New Year on a good start, so with that December is I have really decided to focus on my goals a little harder then normal as we all know the Holidays can be hard on healthy eating, but it real... Read more
Giving Thanks..
Thursday, November 24, 2011      7 comments

Right now I am giving thanks for being able to sit for 10 minutes to type this. You might of guessed yes, I have been in the kitchen for 4 hours so far..and I got to say I am not one bit out of breath, tired, or back hurting.. I have been stand... Read more
Thanksgiving Goal
Monday, November 21, 2011      7 comments

Of course I want to write a blog about what I am thankful for.. which I will be doing. As the new week has begun short or not, there are a few things weighing down me with thoughts, and that is how am I going to pull off Thanksgiving.. ... Read more
Challenge Progress Update
Saturday, November 19, 2011      5 comments

I have said that I was doing a 6 week challenge that will bring me to the end of the year. part of my challenge is to blog more and to give updates.. Looking back at this week, it was like no other week for me.. but a little more stressful... Read more
This says it all....
Wednesday, November 16, 2011      9 comments

... Read more
New Challenge starting today
Monday, November 14, 2011      8 comments

Starting a new Spark challenge today with one of the teams I am on. and even though I never have blogged about my progress or my goals for the challenge before. I thought that seeing this is the "Last" 6 week challenge of the year for this... Read more

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